Defense Grid: The Awakening

released on Dec 08, 2008

A tower defense game where you have to defend Power Cores from being stolen. Tower construction is limited to specified platforms on where you can place 1 out of 10 diffrent upgradeable towers. Towers can not be destroyed by the enemies. Tower placement is key to progress in this game as they each have pros and cons. During the game you battle a variety of 15 diffrent "Insectoid" enemies with various abilitys to handle such as stealth, speed, armor and shields etc. The invaders can carry 1-3 powercores as they reach the powerstations and try to make their escape.

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i be playin this shit when i was 5 years old. IDK what to even rate it as.

I'm sure people thought it was cool on release. I had already played much better defense games in Warcraft 3 and on Kongregate.

Tower defense on PC just isn't my thing. Would probably be a fun mobile game--but heck, would still be too repetitive for me.

Great tower defense game. At first I liked that they tried to tell a story but towards the end I did not really enjoy whatever it was they tried to tell me there. Gameplay-wise this is a very classic tower defense game but every tower is useful and the levels are designed well.

Esta bien, este tipo de juegos me gustan un rato, en cuanto sé como funcinan las piezas y los enemigos un par de veces pues ya está