Demon's Souls

released on Feb 05, 2009

A third-person action RPG with cooperative and competitive multiplayer elements in which the player enters the kingdom of Boletaria as it is being ravaged by a fog that spawns murderous demons. The player has to hunt down the arch demons situated in five disparate areas within the kingdom and partake in punishing combat to reach the Old One, the vengeful being that brought the fog to Boletaria.

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the most underrated soulsborne game ever made and people forget how awesome this game is. fluted set goated

Absolutely love the level variety in this game and it still has some of my favorite designs in the franchise, very solid first entry

Tras jugar al Dark Souls original no puede resistirme a probar la obra original. Puede verse como el primer Dark Souls no solo es un sucesor espiritual si no que también es una suerte de remake encubierto hay muchísimas zonas que se sienten iguales pero donde quiero detenerme es en las zonas únicas de este juego y es que son un derroche de imaginación llegando al culmen en la Torre de Latria, mapa en el que el juego pasa a ser un survival horror. A parte de tener algunas mecánicas que me da mucha pena que hayan caído en el olvido ya que la tendencia es una idea con potencial pero que se ejecutó regular, creo que merece una segunda oportunidad en juegos futuros.

Demon’s Souls is everything we wish we could create: intelligent, subversive, respectful, challenging, varied, and consistently surprising. And when I say “we,” you know who I’m referring to: the aspiring game developers, the arm-chair game designers. I see you there, with your scribbled notes of ideas and concepts. “One day,” you think to yourself, “I’ll pull myself together and make this happen.”

You know, sometimes I play games and I get a little envious—I wish I had what they had. That drive to actually make that dream a reality, that skill set to make it come to fruition with any modicum of sense. Even if it’s kind of an accident, like how I view Demon’s Souls. It doesn’t really seem like they were sure of what they were doing or where they were headed, but somehow it all came together. They just did whatever they felt like would be cool, would be different, would be interesting. It doesn’t really work all that great a lot of the time, but it does work. I’m aware things like this don’t happen overnight; tons of skilled, experienced, and talented people worked their asses off to make this happen… but you can’t tell me that any process of creation isn’t basically just wandering through a dark forest and hoping you come out the other side in one piece.
Let’s think on it for a minute: is there anything else like Demon’s Souls over a decade after its release? Sure, its spiritual successors carved out some pieces, but it's not the same, is it? They’re too scared to continue on the path it never even finished carving—iteration eventually leads to homogenization. You’ll get your peak, but those wings’ll burn off. Can we even blame them, though? The market’s calling and bills need to be paid; how would you approach it? Compromises between the conventional and the experimental are made, and it works… the formula works—but maybe a little too well. Maybe we’ve gone too far with it. Something’s gotta give; that’s the hope, at least.

One day, I’d like to at least try. It won’t be good, it probably won’t even be all that unique or interesting, but at least I did it. Is that a low bar? I’m not sure, but something’s gotta give eventually—things can’t keep going the way they are. The foundation will crumble and be built anew. On that new dawn, I’ll finally build that house I always wanted to build—it’ll be beautiful.

Existem ótimas ideias que vão ser aperfeiçoadas nos jogos posteriores, mas também problemas que por bem a FromSoftware corrigiu mas acabam incomodando quem vem dos outros títulos.

Shitty bosses, bad level design, poopy graphics, mediocre gameplay, disgusting atmosphere. One of the worst game i have ever played.