Deus Ex

released on Jun 26, 2000

A philosophical first-person WRPG set in a dystopian 2052 in which JC Denton, a nano-augmented agent for the anti-terrorist organization UNATCO, is tasked with stopping the invasion of Liberty Island by the terrorist group NSF. As events unfold, Denton finds that he plays a large part in a world-spanning conspiracy which forces him to ponder his allegiances, beliefs, morality, and view of right and wrong.

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Es bueno, jueguenlo. Es el juego de simulación perfecto hermano.

The people who consider Deus Ex to be the best game ever made have a genuine reason for it; it's a genuinely immersive gameplay experience surrounded by a campy but very dramatic story with yet genuinely intriguing writing, godly music, amazing level design, and the right level of attention to detail. Words can't describe the raw amazement you get walking into a new area for the first time after the right amount of build up and the most tense story context, as the music that had softly sprung to life goes from stereotypical to stereo-orgasmic; this is what it should be mean for a game to be truly cinematic.
I wish the sniper enemies didn't 360 noscope you from all distances the moment you cough a bit too loud in their vicinity, though. That's kind of annoying.

Nothing I can say that hasn't been said about the game already. Takes a bit to get in to but it's worth it.