Devil May Cry

released on Aug 23, 2001

Originally intended to be the fourth installment in the Resident Evil series, Devil May Cry is an action-adventure game that introduced a host of new elements to the gaming community. Chief among them is the Stylish Rank, which grades the player's performance in combat. The game is split into Missions, which are individually scored according to various factors, such as Orbs gathered and damage taken. Additionally, Devil May Cry did away with the pre-rendered backgrounds of prior Resident Evil games in order to allow for a dynamic camera system.

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Kinda janky and dated but really charming in its own right. Its nowhere near as complex as 3-5 but I do kind of enjoy how this one is a lot more straightforward and simple and feels a lot more well balanced than some of the other games in the series. Except for most of the bosses, whoever designed Nightmare does not deserve rights

Rock solid design sense all around. Final battle was exciting to figure out and conquer.

Despite the game really showing its age along with it being a bit jank, I'm willing to cut it slack due to it being the first game in the series, and many of the annoyances I encountered were likely fixed in the sequels. Despite my issues and being a bit bored at the beginning, I had a pretty good time with the game overall. It gave me a pretty good idea of what Devil May Cry truly is about and I did enjoy various aspects like the different weapons and how you are able to traverse the game, though I do wish you were able to do more with combos. Also, knowing that this game was originally the first attempt at making a Resident Evil 4, I was able to immediately recognize some of those aspects left over, mainly in the camera angles, the aesthetics in the early levels, and some of the songs.

Adorei o jogo! ele tem um combate simples, mas bem executado, uma gameplay dinâmica, o que me deixou mais interessado, e boss fight's muito criativas, porém a câmera é horrível, a dificuldade não existe, e em nenhum momento me senti desafiado.

did 80% of the game. controls angered me- watched the story in youtube