Diablo IV

released on Jun 02, 2023

Endless demons to slaughter. Deep customization through Talents, Skill Points, Runes, and Legendary loot. Randomized dungeons contained in a dynamic open world. Survive and conquer darkness—or succumb to the shadows.

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Terminar é uma palavra muito forte, mas vi tudo da campanha principal e ela é simplesmente espetacular.
O jogo volta pra origens mas sabe iterar em cima de tudo que foi feito anteriormente. Bom demais.
Infelizmente se perdeu na temporada seguinte, mas a campanha principal se sustenta numa boa como um jogo single player.

Diablo IV is a stupendously fun game with a lot of interesting lore and dark fantasy elements that I adore. I had a blast playing it, and although I probably won't finish the insanely long campaign, I enjoyed the time I had with it.

A visual & auditory delight that is unfortunately held back by idiotic and disgusting design decisions, worst money I have ever spent on a game.

not my genre to be fair. but once I got enough hours in I got pretty bored.