Dicey Dungeons

released on Aug 13, 2019

Fighting against fortune would be a lot easier if you weren't a walking dice.

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Don't let the child-like sense of wonder in its art style or the silly gags fool you, the level of strategy and optimizing required to pull through some of its chapters calls for war table-esque planning

волшебная игруля, крайне приятные и положительные впечатления от неё. Очень необычная интерпритация пошаговой боёвки. Опять рогалик правда, но очень классная блин даже поставил бы 9 если бы было побольше разнообразия.

Eu queria TANTO ter gostado mais de Dicey Dungeons, mas o foco em forçar sorte dos dados com o aspecto roguelike foi me desanimando a cada batalha que eu perdia porque simplesmente só saia resultado ruim e eu tinha que recomeçar.

Dicey Dungeons abandonadísimo no por disgusto sino por longitud y gamepass. Dos cosas que no se llevan bien. Es un juego de combate por turnos de cartas que se canjean con puntaciones de dados. Algunas afectan al dado y otras al enemigo. Aun me gusta y todo el diseño de nivel.

It's pretty close but most of the equipment and encounters fail to engage. Wish there was a little more meat on the bones that made playing through all scenarios on all characters feel worth my time.

Oh my god, ohhh my god I am in pain and i might not love or hate it. If you already get frustrated at RNG in rougelike or rougelite style experiences, DO AND AT THE SAME RIME DO NOT play this. You can kind of adjust your fate for better or worse in this thing but it’s kind of more like how holding or hitting adjusts your fate in blackjack. The tools are there you just have to get lucky. This game is the closest i will ever get to frying my face off on the eternally spinning cosmic grindstone of random chance and i am still stuck on Witch Elimination Round after 3 years god help me. Soundtrack is good though!