Dicey Dungeons

Dicey Dungeons

released on Aug 13, 2019

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Dicey Dungeons

released on Aug 13, 2019

Fighting against fortune would be a lot easier if you weren't a walking dice.

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Es un roguelite con una buena idea y muy simpático visualmente y en propuesta pero la nula progresión y la aleatoridad le pesa. Quizás otro día le doy una oportunidad.

Divertidísimo roguelike. Basa su jugabilidad en tiradas de dados y montar una estrategia mediante el equipamiento que permita aprovechar al máximo cada tirada. Muchos personajes cada uno con sus habilidades, enemigos variados y muchos retos.

i love gambling and i love rougelikes

an easier, breezier, chill roguelike "deck"-builder

Dicey Dungeons gets a lot of flak in comparison to Slay the Spire, but the games are trying to do entirely different things. DD is much more of a 20-30 minute game where you want to just knock out a quick run, whereas StS feels a lot more like embarking on a long journey and grinding away at advantages over time. in Dicey Dungeons, you can mess around with weapons, see how they feel, swap them out between fights (unless you're playing as Witch or Jester i guess). there's less of a commitment of adding new items to your pool than there is adding a card to your deck in Slay the Spire.

however, this DOES mean that Dicey Dungeons does end up lacking in the overall depth that a game like StS has. often times on each character, i had found a build that worked very well and i didn't really see much reason to deviate from it other than novelty. a lot of the items want specific other items, so there's not as much weird cross-pollination between strategies or the playstyles between characters.

this is the game's downside to me, but more than likely an advantage to others. it makes it really easy to pick up for the first time, and the actual gameplay leans very much into the "just one more run" aspect that a lot of these games tap into. even when the game was at its most challenging (aka: Levels 4 and 6+ of the Witch, lmao), it felt fun to keep going and trying to succeed.

El azar de los dados es el protagonista en este roguelike cuya chicha está en que tu build cada vez dependa menos de lo aleatorio y más en hacerte un mecanismo que saca partido a cada tirada.
Es un sistema de combate curioso que además ofrece estilos muy diferentes entre los diferentes personajes pero que tampoco te aguanta demasiado en un juego por lo demás mu convencionalillo.
¡Decepcionado de no tener animaciones de tirar dados en un juego que va de tirar dados!

Frustratingly limited in freedom and scope. But breaks down the deck-builder formula into a lean dice machine in a way that is both interesting and gets a whole bunch of dopamine out at once.

Music and art are both rad as hell.