Donkey Kong Country

released on Jun 06, 2003

An expanded game of Donkey Kong Country

An expanded port of the original Donkey Kong Country for the SNES. Includes extra collectables, remixed/remastered music and sound design, and additional game modes and minigames.

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I had this and DKC2 on GBA as a kid, never beat either but I remember having fun with them with being my earliest exposure to Donkey Kong. I'm an adult now, and I'm happy to say the GBA remake of DKC1 still holds up very well today.
I'd arguably say I'd put it slightly above the original just for the improvements to the control, DK's speed being increased, and the tweaks to the bosses to make them a bit more challenging. Despite those positives I do like both versions about the same anyhow. The GBA renditions of the OST were nice to hear too.
My main gripe (and it does affect the original too) is the verticality of the camera being a bit jank sometimes with not seeing whats above or below you.
Overall, still absolutely worth playing!

¡Divertido como él solo! Salvo cierto momentos el cual me ha parecido injusto, otros han sido ultra divertidos de jugar y ahora entiendo la magia de este plataformas. Estoy deseando jugar el resto de la saga.
K.Rool es un 10 y también la música.

Arguably the definitive version of DKC.