Donut Dodo

released on Jul 03, 2022

If a long lost arcade game from 1983 resurfaced today, it would be Donut Dodo - a classic 2D platformer from the golden era, tough as nails and challenging for the whole family! Ready to top the high score table?

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Super fun time killer! Wasn't expecting much when I bought it other than a quick play-and-refund, but the gameplay loop is surprisingly intriguing and difficult. Music is also great, solid 7.6/10 game

100% in under 3 hours, pretty difficult but super fun! I always loved arcade games so this game really nailed everything, the controls feel great and the music is GREAT!

De controles sencillos y para nada ortopédicos, Donut dodo es el juego perfecto para llevar de portátil. Árcade clásico plataformero: atrapar donut y esquivar enemigos con el salto (No hay que saltarles encima o moriremos, únicamente esquiva, y más esquiva)
Es un juego de ritmo frenético y muy rejugable, para jugar a ratitos o picadas entre amigos y familiares. ¿Quién dominará la cima de la tabla de puntuación? ¿Conseguirá el valeroso cocinero evitar que el Dodo se coma el gran donut?
Si queréis ayudar a Baker Billy Burns, en su tarea de atrapar donut, no dudéis en pillar este jueguito, aunque corréis el riesgo de que os entre hambre con tanto donut, glaseado, de colorines…Mosquis, qué ricos
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A fun little tribute to the past arcade days. If you see more and more people reviewing this game, TheRunawayGuys are probably the reason why.

A great tribute to classic early 80's arcade platformers like Donkey Kong, and it could fit right in with them. It's very easy to pick up and play, and while there's only 5 distinct levels, they are each unique, fun, and get harder with each loop of the game.
There's a bit of leeway that this game gives that some retro games do not; losing a life merely just puts you in the starting position and doesn't reset your bonus combo, there's no penalty from falling from a great height, and it's rare to be put in a situation that cannot be gotten out of. This is not to say this game is easy, but it's not frustrating either. Highly recommended for any fan of 80's arcade games.

Donut Dodo is a fantastic take on the classic Donkey Kong arcade game. Each level is different and unique, which keeps it fresh and challenging. The 2D sprite work is really well done. The controls are extremely responsive. The music is really well done as well.
Donut Dodo is perfect to take on the go and try and beat some of the highscores on the in-game leaderboard, because they are tough to beat. In order to progress in the game, you need to beat certain levels to unlock the next set of levels which become increasingly difficult.
Highly recommended, especially if you are fan of the arcade retro platformers.