Doritos Crash Course

released on Dec 08, 2010

Doritos Crash Course is a fast-paced, funny, obstacle course game show for your Avatar to compete against your friends and family over XboxLive. Play through 15 exciting platformer levels across 3 different countries. Compete against your friends and family up to four players over XboxLive and local split-screen.

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A random find, but fun for the short time I spent with it. Obstacle courses are my jam!

Has no rights to be as fun as it was.

put this on steam you cowards

A fun obstacle style course game that is fun with multiple players. Nothing truly amazing about it and it lacks in depth mechanics but its simple fun none the less.

due to a perfect storm of being 10 years old with no money, this being free and easy to understand and wipeout being popular, this was huge for me and other kids at my school.
halo 4, skyrim, minecraft, black ops 2 and l4d2 will always be some of the first games I immediately think of when someone brings up the 360. this one isn't too far down the list, though