Dragalia Lost

released on Sep 27, 2018

Dragalia Lost is a swipe-controlled action RPG about the bonds shared between humans and dragons. Conquer your enemies using an array of powerful attacks and special skills and even by transforming into a dragon yourself!

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I didn't get to play this a lot due to how much space it took up, but the little I did was pretty fun. Fun gameplay and neat characters, with decent graphics for the platform. Shame that you can't play it anymore.

I miss u dragalia <3 this was the best mobile game I’ve ever played in a long time!! Great story, great characters, collabs, raid events were really fun!!! it was such a great experience having been able to experience the world of Dragalia Lost :> Here’s hoping to maybe someday they bring back DL <3

Rest in peace, the only gacha game that felt worth playing.

played since launch into eos.
i hate nintendo. bring it back.