Dynamite Headdy

released on Aug 05, 1994

Dynamite Headdy is a platform game in which the player controls Headdy, a puppet with a detachable head. This head can be fired in eight directions to attack enemies and obstacles, as well as retrieve out of reach items. By grabbing a HangMan, Headdy is able to pull himself up various platforms, or drag certain areas towards him. By finding a walking case named HeadCase, Headdy can gain a special head type depending on the image shown on HeadCase at the time he hits it. These range from offensive heads that increase his strength, allows him to shoot homing stars or suck up everything on screen, to support heads which include invulnerability, shrinking to reach small areas and sleeping to regain health. Most of these heads have a time limit before the head returns to normal, with the player able to cancel at any time, though some heads, such as the Pin Head, disable manual cancellation. The game also features a side-scrolling shooter stage, during which Headdy can change between three unique Head Types.

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This is a unique and cool concept for a platformer that has me wishing there was more story for this game.

this game is wack. the devs must have been high on something when they came up with all this random bullshit, and i love it. each scene has a different twist around the corner, whether it be a funny new gimmick or a crazy ass boss.
the american team must have been absolutely wasted when they were tweaking the game for international release though, they had no right to make the bosses take so many hits :(
though i like the american version more, because going back to the japanese version feels like a toddler's game

really hard but this game has that Treasure quality so i wont complain.

Playing the Japanese version after being stuck with the American one for so long feels like fucking baby mode now

Great music, Great game, play the Jp only!