released on Aug 27, 1994

A turn-based JRPG and sequel to then-Japan-only Earthbound Beginnings (1989) in which Ness, a young boy living in a land based on the USA, leaves home to go on an adventure through strange locations, get to know quirky characters and defeat an unknowable alien threat called Giygas while facing up to the realities of growing up and becoming familiar with the real world.

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A humble funny game with a great combat system and holds up today most annoying thing is the picture man like why

Talvez um dos jogos mais brisados e com mais identidade que já joguei. Mesmo após anos ainda consegue ser incrivelmente único.
EarthBound tem uma trilha maravilhosa, designs extremamente criativos e uma história com narrativa bem bolada, que horas é afável, horas cômica, horas até aterrorizante...
Tudo é uma pura suspensão de discrença simbológica, que no fim, pra mim, é o que o torna tão especial.

This review contains spoilers

Ahh boy the game. Honestly one of the most special games I’ve played. While it’s simple in concept it excels at something jrpgs tend not to focus on. Humor! Along with a world that feels familiar it creates a great setting.
This game will have laughing or questioning how weird the world truly is. Honestly, it feels refreshing and almost wonder on how this quirky world came to be. While the main cast isn’t heavily characterized the focus was definitely on the player exploring eagle land and what different experiences you can find.
From fighting the KKK to getting high off shroomcake, the game never ceases to suprise the player with random concepts and characters. It’s light hearted nature gives a very warm and welcoming atmosphere.
This overall vibe along makes the final dungeon and boss even more jarring and sort of scary but the climax of the game leaves you fufilled in a way I can’t describe.
There is not a single thing I would change about the world or story. It’s all a wonderful mess that has me smiling thinking about it. I wish this game could get a remaster with some modern polish just to gather an even larger audience to entertain.
10/10 pour one out for the homie buzz buzz the real one

Um dos jogos mais simples, mas complexos, com uma das melhores histórias ja contadas nessa forma de arte e uma obra prima ah e tem a estátua de pincel, AQUELA ESTÀTUA DE PINCEL