released on Aug 27, 1994

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released on Aug 27, 1994

Join Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Poo in a sci-fi turn-based JRPG adventure as they fight a mysterious alien force named Giygas in a quirky land based off of the real world.

EarthBound (known as MOTHER2 in Japan) is a distant sequel to the original EarthBound Beginnings, with many characters, themes, and tunes borrowed from its predecessor. Many of the characters and settings are very similar, but the only explicitly returning character is Giygas, who swears revenge at the end of the first game.

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Completely blew me anyway with its uniqueness such a cute world

gonna make a bold statement here, i think its good

What a great fucking game, dude. Earthbound is an experience that I thought was overrated before I replayed it recently. I have seen the light! This game slaps.

Truly a life-changing experience.

This is a world I want to spend the rest of my life in.

overrated mess, gameplay is awful. the world is cute, theres a reason the only thing thats talked about the game is the setting

A charming little 90s JRPG with a penchant for fourth-wall breaks and absurdist humor. It's fun to see a distinctly Japanese take on a world seeping with Americana. I played through the game via Snes9x on a Wii with the Maternalbound Redux patch applied. The patch uncensors some aspects of the localization and adds some QoL features. Overall I don't think it had a huge impact on my experience. Recommend playing on a CRT for those nostalgic vibes.