Echo Night: Beyond

released on Jan 22, 2004

Echo Night: Beyond, known in Japan as Nebula: Echo Night is a survival horror adventure video game. The game tells a science fiction ghost story, set in the not-too-distant future. Players take the role of a newlywed, off for a honeymoon on the moon. The vessel crashes before reaching its lunar resort destination, however, separating the just-married couple and leaving the hero alone at an abandoned research base. Players explore the station from a first-person perspective, inside a spacesuit. In addition to the many spiritual anomalies that haunt the forgotten station, strange lunar lighting and relative weightlessness add to the atmosphere of the game's environments.

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has a LOT of problems coming with being a ps2 adventure game in 2004 (specifically a slow 1st person one w difficult to find items and a localization that rubs against its atmosphere a little too hard) that bring it down in ways that i find harder to forgive than usual but god damn will i anyway. find its storytelling rly novel for asking you to find and put most of its pieces together on your own, and rly appreciate how its ties itself together thematically. awesome ending w kinda brutal implications. idk how the other echo nights stack w this one yet but it totally deserves more credit.

Survival horror in low-gravity! Very slow paced, very atmospheric! Default controls are awful, but a standard twin-stick layout is buried in the options.
Probably the closest we'll get to 2001 A Space Odyssey.

This game is the prophet of every modern horror game trope.
You are in first person, enemies are ghosts that kill you within seconds from just standing next to you, and you even have to use security cameras to track the patrol routes of your enemies in advance.

On the surface, I appreciate the strange, slowburn premise, but the game just feels too empty in design to really sustain the interest it needs.