Elite Beat Agents

released on Nov 06, 2006

The public knows of government agencies like the FBI and CIA, but little is known of this super-secret agency. Code-named "Elite Beat Agents", these men in black are heroes' heroes and the coolest group of guys this world has ever known. Of course, according to official records, they do not exist. Their leader, an ex-CIA agent named Commander Kahn, scans the world for cries of help. When he finds one, he dispatches the agents, who assist their targets by performing a song and dance. The hypnotic nature of their rocking revives the targets with "Groovy" energy that boosts their willpower and helps them overcome their obstacles. In each stage, the agents arrive in a special "Beat Transport" and must tap and trace patterns that appear on-screen to the beat of the music to save the day.

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I have listened to jumpin' jack flash by the rolling stones more times in the last 24 hours than any person ever should in their life. easily going in the top ten games I played this year btw. if not the top five.

OSU for the DS. Good songs, gameplay was great. The circle spinning was a bit rough on the screen though.

There are some strange rare design choices that cause minor moments of frustration, like one song constantly switching on and off between off-beat hits and another song that can overwhelm you with a flurry of notes right after an in-song cutscene, but in general, this game absolutely rules. It does a great job translating the song's lyrics and major beats into a firmly telegraphed form with the overlapping circles + lines that have to be traced as held notes, and they're all placed carefully in order to keep the chart and the player in-tune with the beat, perfect for the compact DS touchscreen. Admittingly it's not ideal relying on sheer score accrual over individual stage rankings to unlock the bonus stages, but it at least provides another incentive to master more difficult stages and the hardest settings when the thresholds are set that high. Either way, the game's charm is absolutely infectious and it never gets old watching three guys in suits and sunglasses dance away everyone's problems, no matter how minor they may be. Without a doubt, I can see myself coming back to push through the highest difficulty after clearing this on normal, so it's an easy recommendation despite some low points. I saw this advertised all over the place as a kid and can't believe it took me this long to finally try it out: hands down one of the best titles on the DS, and it's a real shame we don't see anything from iNiS anymore.

So charming and addictive, maybe the first rhythm game I'm halfway decent at... and there's still more to unlock? I miss silly games like this on the old Nintendo handhelds, such a shame it never got a sequel on 3DS

Hard to emphasize enough just how silly this game is and what a genius idea it is too. The gameplay is really tough but mainly fair, the comic book illustrations are goofy and even heartwarming at times (and in the case of a sort of christmas themed level, a bizarre tonal whiplash that had me honking like a damn goose)

fun gameplay, music was kinda hit or miss but the ones that hit were super good, story was just really crazy (in a good way) and i love those funky silly agent guys
"agents are... GO!"