ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights

released on Jun 21, 2021

ENDER LILIES is a dark fantasy 2D Action RPG about unraveling the mysteries of a nation destroyed by a cataclysmic event. The fallen Kingdom of End is a tragic and beautiful world featuring a majestic castle, submerged forests and forbidden underground areas.

On this sorrowful journey, encounter horrific enemies against whom a moment of inattention could be fatal. By releasing foes from their undying curse, you may gain their strength. Overcome the hardships of your journey and uncover the truth with the aid of the fallen knights.

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Has potential. Might revisit sometime.

Lo he completado al 100% el finde y, aún así, he seguido jugándolo en directo en otra partida, huelga decir que me ha enganchado bastante fuerte. Tiene un combate muy interesante, buena historia y épicos bosses. Muy recomendado.

This Metroidvania was able to glue together all the elements of the genre in a fitting and marvelous way. It has incredible lore, interesting characters, top-notch level-design, fun combat and quite different and full of personality itens/upgrades.
I did enjoy the game's three endings a whole lot, to those of you that are fans of the style or just like good games in general, you can't go wrong with this gem-of-a-game.

Amazing Metroidvania. The combat was awesome, the world and story was intriguing, music is top shelf (especially the complete shift in the last area. First time music made me literally stop playing for a second cause it was so creepy), the bosses were challenging and unique. I love that you get to use the bosses attacks after you beat them. This isn’t your normal, you get a weak version of the bosses attack, no you get the bosses actual moves and some of them are huge and devastating. The game was not overly hard but a few areas and bosses took several tries which is exactly how I like my difficulty. This is a must play for any fan of Metroidvanias or players that like a decent challenge.