released on Jul 18, 2019

Etherborn is an environmental puzzle platformer built on exploring and understanding gravity-shifting structures.

You are a voiceless being that has just been born into a world where a bodiless voice calls to you, patiently awaiting your arrival. As your first thoughts emerge, you realise your journey has just begun. You must reach this ethereal voice to fully understand your own existence.

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Puzzle platformer que juega con la perspectiva como mecanica principal, es corto y eso le ayuda, pero la nula variedad en sus puzzles y no acabar de conectar con el ha hecho que se me quede algo corto.
Eso si, props por estar enteramente doblado y con voces en catalán, un gusto jugar algo en mi lengua materna.

This game was unfortunately not able to intrigue me. Some of the puzzles were fun but as a whole it got boring pretty quickly. I wasn't really able to follow the story though that may just be my fault. The art style initially seemed intriguing as well when I got the game, but really it just seems to be that polygonal texturing that seems to have become pretty common within the indiesphere.

Another puzzle game where we control a nameless human who needs clues about who they are and what's their purpose. Its simplicity makes both Etherborn's strongest and weakest point. It's easy to understand its mechanics and does some cool stuff with them, but at the same time it doesn't offer anything new, and the game can be beaten in about 2 hours, which may not be enough for its price tag. However, it's still a nice experience if you ever get the chance to give it a shot.

'A Puzzler With A Different "Perspective"'
Etherborn is a type of game that I would label a "perspective puzzler" due to the player's interaction with changing the layout of the environment in order to traverse or complete tasks. By running up a curved/ramp-like section of wall, the player shifts the gravity to be wherever the character's feet are placed. While a simple formula, I feel that this game achieved a lot with its short length.
The visuals are very soothing and meditative with a variety of colors. The environments are simple so that points of interest and pathways can be identified easily. The game is a mixture of a dream-state and spiritual experience, and the calming soundtrack really helps to tie it all together. My god, this soundtrack is fantastic. There are some subtle melodies that allow for ambiance as you traverse each level, and there are some powerful crescendos that culminate in some moving moments of artistic flair. This is impressive considering the incredibly vague story.
The "story" is little more than a strangely vague commentary of humans and spirituality in relation to a "higher plane / level of existence". It is told in a confusing way, which is strange because it is really just a simple thought-piece rather than a structured plot. I did not enjoy the story very much, though the tone was definitely set for the trippy, mellow visuals and warped perspectives found throughout the game's puzzle sequences.
Puzzles are at a great difficulty pace. There are some obvious tutorial sections meant to introduce the player to the mechanics, but there is a nice and steady difficulty increase throughout the game's half dozen or so levels. Paths became more complex, and it felt like I had to work to complete some puzzles. They never got too frustrating, which is very impressive considering I tend to become impatient with puzzle games in general, and I enjoyed the pace the game moved at.
Despite my enjoyment of this title, I do wish the story was more fleshed out, and I do wish there was a bit more variety with puzzles. This may be due to the length of the game, which was only a bit over an hour (maybe hour and a half). While it was good as a bite-sized title, it needed more content in order to expand on the ideas introduced.
Overall, I enjoyed Etherborn more than I expected. The art and music are a great combination that provides a meditation-inspired journey, and the puzzles are a good challenge. The length is too short though, and the story and variety of puzzles ends up being stagnated because of this. I would [/b] Recommend [/b] this one to fans of puzzle games that make you play with gravity and perspective, and for those who would enjoy a meditative experience with simple visuals and a great soundtrack.
Final Verdict: 7/10 (Good)

Very fun little game. Striking visuals, great soundtrack, and fun puzzles. It never got too difficult but never felt too easy, which can be a very tricky thing to balance with puzzle games. One note though, is that it recommends playing on a controller and I'd strongly second that. Keyboard controls are serviceable but controller feels significantly better.
The New Game + playthrough is an interesting thing for a puzzle game to have but because most of the puzzle elements of the game are seeing an spot and trying to figure out how to get there, they're able to move the orbs around and make sort-of remixes of the puzzles without having to alter level geometry at all. I think some of the orbs have been moved to silly positions (like hiding them in a bush so you can't see it at all) but for the most part it's a fun addition if you want to play the game for another hour or so.

Nice cute puzzle game with beautiful artstyle and great mechanics