Eva 4: Sim Date RPG

released on Aug 21, 2003

A Neon Genesis Evangelion satirical fan game, where you date two of the main character, Asuka and Rei.

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La mejor referencia a Chainsaw Man 15 años antes de Chainsaw Man.

This review contains spoilers

i eat sand, white sand with cheese

Asuka: Wow that was so cool how you blasted the hell out of him and blood sprayed all over the ground, the walls and everyone!! I am so impressed!! (Wink)

my mom committed suicide so now for some unknown reason i'm living with you and misato
for some unknown reason you automatically know how to pilot the eva
thats whingeing bitch behavior
my head is going to explode. my head is going to explode. 5 4 3 2 1 GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!