released on Mar 03, 2021

Expect the unexpected in an ineffable tale of the inexpressible world of Everhood. Amusing rhythmic battles and with a promise to fulfill all your dreams. To simply put it: You are in for a ride.

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Probably the most unique game I've ever played. The world, battle system, and story are all things I've never seen done by anything else before. The only part that isn't entirely unique is the characters they could defiantly fit in other "quirky indie rpgs" but that isn't a criticism in any way.

green mage my beloved.
i like the music and gameplay, most of the other characters didn't quite stick with me as hard though. was lukewarm on the ending and its parallels to UNDERTALE pacifist run's end.

I wonder if the people who made this game are psychonauts

definitely could've benefitted from being a bit longer and focusing on the characters and the world more. but honestly the presentation alone negates most of my issues with the game cause it's just so damn good, makes the good stuff hit anyway
i fucking love green mage

It was okay. I don't feel like going into how underdeveloped the world and characters feel but fortunately a shit-ton of other reviews did that for me so just read those IDIOT

an underrated indy gem for sure
super fun gameplay with creative undertale like plot and twists
If you liked undertale you will really like this
in my experience I really enjoyed the first half of the game more than the second but nonetheless I highly recommend it