Exit the Gungeon

released on Sep 19, 2019

Exit the Gungeon is a bullet hell dungeon climber immediately following the adventures of the misfit ‘Gungeoneers’ and their journey for personal absolution in Enter the Gungeon. The Gungeon has become a paradox and is collapsing! Armed with an ever-changing weapon, an insatiable need to loot, and the trusty dodge roll, each of our heroes must ascend and escape via their own unique route of increasingly perilous elevators. Battle against the last and most bitter of the Gundead at a frantic pace, slowing down just long enough to chat with some familiar faces… and a few new ones. Shifting rooms, enemies, bosses, bizarre weapons and items all combine to ensure that no two attempts to Exit the Gungeon are the same.

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Not nearly as good as the original but a decent time and I can't bring myself to hate it and I will admit It was kinda cool to see what happened to the NPCs after the first game.

I feel like a lot of people dislike this game, but truthfully it's fine. It was a mobile game ported to PC, and you got basically that. It's a fun bite sized experience that piggybacks off of a lot of the original games characters, guns, and aesthetics with not a whole lot original. If you REALLY love Gungeon like I do, you'll probably want to try Exit just so you can say you have, but it's not anything revolutionary like the first.

i dont think its better than enter the gungeon,this game feels very mobile and...oh now i see that its for IOS,some music and bosses are nice,but i dont like the gameplay it just feels so weird,its ok i think

Ein würdiger Nachfolger des ersten Teils, welcher jedoch viel zu schnell durchgespielt werden kann. Die 2D Limitierung macht sich stark bemerkbar in der Schwierigkeit, was dazu führt das dieses Spiel nicht ansatzweise so langlebig ist wie der erste Teil. Ansonsten wurden Charaktere, Items etc sehr gut fortgeführt. Für das was es ist, tut es seinen Job ziemlich gut.

As far as games made for mobile go it's alright, although once I beat it I just thought 'TBH I should play enter the gungeon again'
The opening theme just being the same as enter with 'exit' badly dubbed in is fucking hilarious, however

A more bite-sized gungeon. But still very good! Feels about as good as the og with a controller. And with a bit more customizability for mobile and difficulty scales. A little less thinking and strategy involved due to its nature but feels great and still looks great and sounds great. I beat a run of this before ever having done so in enter the gungeon between 2 separate 60 hr saves.
The touch screen control options are clever and while slowing the action may seem like it saps the difficulty, I felt like it was harder due to gaps in the flow state one gets in while playing a twitchy game such as this