released on Mar 28, 2013

"An action-puzzler RPG with a retro feel!
The scourge is back with a vengeance! Seal him off for good!
Collect the three Spirit Icons to lead the way to victory!"

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Interesting experience with trying to give that 'big classic JRPG' feel to a very small map while simulating grinding on a basic level - but generally, misses out on the way that older JRPGs create dungeon spaces and kind of feels like a more shallow interpretation of the sense of conserving resources in a dungeon. Also has needlessly frustrating puzzles and dungeon layouts.

Gets boring pretty fast, and has no depth at all. It's okay as a time waster at most.

Totally worth 2€. The simplest RPG i know, where the only thing you do is walk around, knew how to be entertaining with some nice puzzles and a good atmosphere and music. Nothing really outstanding, but as I said: totally worth 2€

It's a cheap and fun little distraction. Some things are way too obscure, but the game is over all fun.