Fatal Frame III: The Tormented

Fatal Frame III: The Tormented

released on Jul 28, 2005

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Fatal Frame III: The Tormented

released on Jul 28, 2005

Rei Kurosawa suffers a strange dream each night, since she took a photo of her dead boyfriend in an abandoned old mansion.

Every night the dream will take her deeper and deeper in an old mansion, when she will have to find out what is going on.

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Personal Rant:

Having been 5 months since my dad died, this game has been a personal purgatory to me. Wanting to see a loved one again is what makes crying so damn hard but it won't bring them back.
Instead I have to look to the now and the future.
Keep on living, even with the pain.

Actual Review:

This game is the definition if dreams could kill you in your sleep.
Rei is my most favourite character in the franchise and I will not take any exceptions. I understood her pain and grief in wanting things to stay the same but deep down, we have to move forward, carrying the memories of those who we love and never forget them.
Also Kei sections are a literal pain like ugh hate that fucking fetch quest of the pieces also hurray for more Miku 8D

This took me way too long to finish, mostly because this is by far the longest game in the series, which is actually it's only big weakness, the game drags a bit as it goes on, especially as it links the trilogy together in initially tenuous, but eventually satisfying ways. But on the flipside I could explore this house forever, and every 10 minutes it feels like I'm finding out some interesting information or seeing a cool new ghost with what is always a great backstory. The only other weakness I have is that I was hoping this game would be the one to really play around with having more environments, with the whole travelling to places via dreams thing, but it's all in the house. And don't get me wrong, the house is an incredible setting and every room has a story and a palpable atmosphere, but I would have liked to see some of the places from the town in FF2, or just somewhere new.

This game takes the Fantastic atmosphere, enemies and unique combat from the last two games and turns it up to ten, this is one of those great trilogies where it just gets better and better as it goes on.
The arcade-style combat which is the series USP is expanded on hugely here with different characters having unique moves, an expanded combo system and new lenses that create all new interesting combat opportunities on top of what was added from the first game in the second. And it ups the ante of the arcadey score-based combat whilst keeping it as the most genuinely frigtning combat in maybe any game out there. The ghosts in this one are still scary, from the skeletons that leap at you to the little girls who hammer nails into your feet, there's always something new and it's always scarier than the last new ghost you saw.

The paralells between silent hill and this become the most apparent in this game, the third tying back to the first, the silent hill 4-esque apartment, and how that apartmment is used in the story. That's just a little observation but one I couldn't stop thinking about. My point is that this is just a better version of Silent Hill 4.

This is easily the best in a consistently great trilogy and one of the best survival horror games ever made, I'm absolutely floored by it, even though it took me something like 2 months to beat.

Absolutely brilliant horror game. The PS2 FF trilogy is a treat for horror lovers, I personally can't choose the best entry, each one has it's own strengths.

if you liked silent hill 4 and/or kuon, depending on how you feel about fatal frame you're going to find it okay or absolutely love it. i personally think it's fine, but it's definitely the best out of the first three

The story gets convoluted by trying to tie the previous two games together when they clearly weren't supposed to be connected, but it's the scariest of the three.