Fatal Labyrinth

released on Nov 19, 1990

Dragonia, the castle of doom, has been resurrected! But the ghouls from the castle have stolen the Holy Goblet, the source of light. Without it, the world will be trapped in darkness forever. Don your armour and pick up your weapon.

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I owned this cart when I was a kid, so when roguelikes took off in the late 2000s I was like "why are we doing this again, I was done playing this stuff when I was like 7, besides none of these are as good"

A weird roguelike relic of Sega's forgotten japanese Modem attachment. Hard to believe this was released as a whole-ass cartridge over here.
Has this weird progression where it starts obtuse and unforgiving, then becomes really rewarding once you get to grips with its arcane rules - only to crash again when you reach floor 10+. I realized the game was gonna be a sluggish loop of 'attack -> run away to heal -> attack' and lost interest really hard. Don't have enough stake in roguelikes on concept to play for historical reasons either.
It was a fun in VC tho. Jenny and I just screamed random shit the whole time while Xenon put up with it.
Remember that time Barney sang a song about divorce?

I'm the last person I thought would enjoy a game like this. Roguelikes or Roguelites or whatever you want to call them are games that just do not click for me. I have an incredibly poor relationship with games which more or less require you to die in order to progress. Failure states make me feel awful and bad.
So...I can't explain why I like this game hahhaha
I died SO MUCH! But gosh, I love it. Probably my Sega loving self has some influence there, I reckon. I also find it incredibly charming in its presentation, and I also love how it just throws you into it--no title screen or anything really, just tosses you right in there!
If you like Roguelike games, you need to play this! If you don't like them, you probably won't like this unless...you do?

What an oddly entrancing game. Most of the design choices made here are so weird and bogus and frustrating but for an early roguelike it definitely gets a lot of things right, this one sucked me in for hours because even though it wasn’t anything sensational it just motivated me to keep going somehow, and the music is alright I suppose, and the visuals are perfectly serviceable for a game of its time. Your mileage may vary with this one but I enjoyed it a fair bit.

This game is quite simple as far as roguelikes go, but it's a blast. It's a simplistic game, but it's also unpredictable and rewarding.

(sonic's ultimate genesis collection 28/40)