Fear & Hunger

released on Dec 11, 2018

A dark fantasy survival horror RPG in which players must uncover the secrets of the dungeon of Fear & Hunger.

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One day I woke up and decided to scroll through my youtube activity on my phone and came across this video.
Needless to say, once I watched the first few minutes I was super invested and decided to shut the video off and play and experience this game for myself which cuts to this very point today when I finally jumped in. Even after getting ending E and realizing I still have so much more to dig into with this one and get the other endings it took me nearly 6 hours of playing nonstop to get to this point and im truly just lost in thought about this whole experience. The instantaneous feeling of dread and nervousness creeps in the moment you walk through the start of the dungeon before the rabid dogs come in to chew off your legs. I did not expect to have roguelike elements and before I knew it I was tortured, had my head bashed in, and my skin ripped completely off while still trying to crawl to escape. I kind of had this same feeling when I found out about horror rpg maker games like Corpse party that once you first experience it you really cant stop thinking about it for quite some time as the credits roll. I feel like even on the easiest difficulty it is very difficult and you really have to learn through trial and error to be able to get far in this game just to actually save! I kind of wanted to experience a game so grotesque and dark and its just as horrific as I imagined, surely I will have some nightmares tonight that's for damn sure. The art is so disgusting and each enemy and the sound effects they make combined with the creeping ambient music truly immerses you in the worst/best way. It reminds me also of those older point and click and NES games like uninvited where you just have to learn from experience and with a flip of a coin you will either live or die with it completely out of your control which is such a hopeless situation which makes you truly feel helpless as if you were there in the fear and hunger dungeon.
I may be a bit all over the place, but that is what this game can do to you lol I definitely would love more games like this and will definitely play more of this to learn and get better with it. One hell of an experience you surely won't forget and I am still reeling from the abhorrent events that have just transpired!
Also it says this game is Steamdeck verified, however everytime I would play for about 5-10 minutes the game would just give me a black screen and I could hear things, but not see anything which made it even more scary! Wish there was some way to fix that.

I remember playing this once and hating it then it got super popular randomly and i played it again and now i understand

Great game, extremely bleak atmosphere with deep and great lore. Very serious topics, player discretion is advised (Do not think this is a joke)

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(As of this review, I got endings A-E and the Mercenary's S ending)
“You escaped the dungeons of Fear & Hunger. Part of you still doesn’t believe this to be the truth…You delved too deep, you know it yourself too. No man could ever return from that deep.” Last night, after playing Fear & Hunger for hours, I laid awake in bed thinking of how to do my next run into the dungeons instead of going to sleep, despite getting basically all of the endings that day.
A cruel and evil game that beats you down but feels so amazing to overcome. Figuring out the surefire path to basically dog walk any run made me feel so powerful, and that's an insane thing for a game, especially of this size and background, to achieve. The endings are all interesting, and the vibes are unmatched. That being said, the S endings seem a little too challenging for me, maybe I'll come back one day but I can't even imagine doing the Outlander's.
Maybe the coolest evolution of the JRPG gameplay formula ever. I hate grinding and leveling and mindless combat, but Fear and Hunger puts such a unique and genius twist to make it actually interesting and fun to figure out. Anytime I ran into a new enemy it felt like a new puzzle to solve rather than being another damage sponge to spam attack on. What an amazing idea.
Despite the fact that the game has some roguelike elements (a few floors have set randomized layouts, most miscellaneous items are random, etc.), the game has enough consistent and solid item placement and mapping that the random elements feel additive rather than reductive. Obviously some runs were more fruitful than others, but I never felt like I had to reset because I got a bad roll on how my experience would play out, something that always discourages me from getting deep into roguelikes.
The only reason this game isn't a 10/10 is because it's a little rough around the edges, with some persistent bugs that prevent it from being a perfect experience, but nothing game-breaking. Just a marvel and a needle in the haystack. Wish I could recommend this game to more people without needing 50 different content warnings.

This review contains spoilers

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