Final Fantasy II: Pixel Remaster

Final Fantasy II: Pixel Remaster

released on Jul 28, 2021

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Final Fantasy II: Pixel Remaster

released on Jul 28, 2021

The original FINAL FANTASY II comes to life with completely new graphics and audio! A remodeled 2D take on the second game in the world-renowned FINAL FANTASY series! Enjoy the timeless story told through charming retro graphics.

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I tried so hard to like this game.

- Another milestone with lots of historic value, especially in terms of its connection to the SaGa series
- Lovingly recreated in the Pixel Remaster versions with great soundtrack and visuals (except for the font and weird screen tearing)
- A map and autosave function that will eliminate most of the frustration
- An actual quest with actual characters and a distinct dramatic quality
- A leveling system that was daring for its time and still has many interesting ideas
- Secrets and side quests that make the world feel alive and reward players' curiosity
- An actual open world that introduces Chocobos to the series

- Mostly opaque leveling system that never becomes any clearer throughout the game, with apparently random damage rolls that render strategic battles impossible
- Awful dungeon designs that bait players with empty rooms and punish their curiosity with random encounters
- Beginner's loot and items even in the final dungeon
- Higher encounter rate than in FFI that will either bore the hell out of you or make you scream in anger
- The incredibly disappointing quest for finding Ultima
- A final boss fight that is so badly designed that it becomes practically impossible if your party is developed with physical attacks in mind. Seriously, without one particular MISSABLE weapon, it becomes a huge chore and epitomizes all grievances directed at the game throughout the decades

Magic Moment: The first meeting with series mascot Cid and the Chocobo.

Verdict: Not recommended for newcomers, even veterans should probably skip this one. Longer and tougher than FFI, but not as rewarding. Certainly don't replay.

No amount of polish can make FF2 fun, but at least Guy still speak beaver.

This is my first time playing FFII, and I found this experience very accessible and enjoyable, but challenging at the same time. Yeah, the font choice sucks, and I wish there was an option to choose the original chip tune soundtrack, but it played very easily and the touch controls are very intuitive. Controller support would be nice but I was fine without it. Despite me wishing they allowed a choice of soundtracks, the new orchestral arrangements are truly outstanding. Overall, I’d recommend this, I just wish there were a few more customization options.

Honestly a really nice step up from FFI, this game included a more detailed and plot driven experience which included much more player freedom in terms of party customization, as well as delivering main characters that actually have their own dialogue!

The playable and even non-playable characters were interesting and the freedom to choose whatever combination of weapon classes and armor/accessories you wanted for the party was cool. As for the leveling system, I had zero issue with it. I thought it was a nice change of pace and a unique take on the typical, “fight enemies, earn experience”. There were tons of different methods you could use to buff any given character stat because of this leveling system, and it results in easy grinding thats also surprisingly quick to complete.

Story wise, it wasn’t too bad despite originally hailing from the Famicom/NES age, I really did feel immersed the whole time and was always looking forward to seeing what would happen next. I did like Garland/Chaos from FFI more than the Emperor when it comes to comparing villians, but the Emperor wasn’t horrible.

Overall I had a pleasant experience with FFII, especially considering how much I enjoyed it even after hearing the constant hate it receives. It might have to do with the Pixel Remaster and whatever changes were made (I never played the original or PSP version), but I’m definitely looking forward to replaying this again some time.