Final Fantasy VI

released on Jan 15, 2014

A remaster of Final Fantasy VI Advance

Final Fantasy VI has received a remake for Android and iOS devices, and its graphical presentation is enhanced compared to previous versions in highly-detailed 2D. A Windows PC port, itself a port of the Android version, was released for Windows PC via Steam and featured controls optimized for PC, Steam achievements and trading cards.

The title was delisted from sale on July 28th, 2021, ahead of the release of Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster.

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It looks just so ugly that I couldn't go through it.

Started replaying this casually during my lunch breaks at work sometime last year and finally finished it in September. My favourite part of VI is definitely the ensemble cast; every character is fully fleshed out and interesting which I guess makes sense as it’s what the game is known for. Kefka’s the best villain in the series slayed and outsold btw.

Não importa a forma em que esteja, Final Fantasy VI é um dos melhores jogos da história do meio, com suas batalhas em ritmo acelerado, mundo gigantesco para explorar, personagens fascinantes e história original e ousada.

FF6 is a gem. Great gameplay beneath some really shitty art direction and UI.

Es Final Fantasy VI, que es un señor juegarral... Pero madre mía, qué fea es la versión de PC. Es que es fea como ella sola. Pero fea fea, ¿eh? Horrorosa. Menos mal que existen los mods, porque, ¿la habéis visto bien? Es feísima. ¿Os he hablado ya de lo fea que es?

a mother couldn't love a child that looks this bad