Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake

released on Apr 10, 2020

Final Fantasy VII Remake

released on Apr 10, 2020

A remake of Final Fantasy VII

A spectacular re-imagining of one of the most visionary games ever, Final Fantasy VII Remake rebuilds and expands the legendary RPG for today. The first game in this project is set in the eclectic city of Midgar and presents a fully standalone gaming experience.

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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

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Por mais que tenham mudado um pouco o rumo da história e divido ela, ainda é um ótimo jogo de RPG com ação em tempo real. Gráficos lindo, história boa, personagens envolventes. Acho que a duração está com o tempo que deveria ter.

This review contains spoilers

Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Final Fantasy VII is a household name when it comes to the gaming community, it has been universally praised for being one of the most pivoting and revolutionary games of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. When a Remake of this iconic title was announced, well, it was not a surprise when it sent people on a frantic hype train all the way to its release. I remember the announcement at E3 2015 which at the time I had no clue what the game was nor was I familiar with any of the characters other than the few artworks of them I’ve seen scattered online. A few months later Cloud was announced as a playable characters for Super Smash Bros. a game which my friends and I played religiously, and that was the start of my long journey with this game.

Five years and hundreds of hours of playing Cloud in Smash Bros. after its E3 2015 announcement Final Fantasy VII Remake was finally released, however the person I was in 2015 is not the same person I was in 2020. From a young teenage gamer with no responsibilities to a young adult right in the middle of his military training the time was not right and my mindset at the time rendered me unable to sit back and enjoy a game I waited long for.

I always knew I will eventually find the right time to hop on and enjoy this game but I never expected it to have this great of an impact on me, and the time did come almost 4 years after the initial games release.

Final Fantasy VII Remake starts of with a great action sequence which serves as a cool introduction to some of the key characters of the story yet it takes its time to really show the deeper stories that those characters hold. From the get go I was taken aback by how great the gameplay is it’s snappy and really made me think of ways I should go about beating the enemies I am fighting from exploiting their weaknesses to managing my parties health and MP as I’m fighting, trying to make the best decisions to get the outcome I am looking for. Although the neutral combat is not as impactful and guttural as God of War (2018) for instance it is still a brilliantly crafted fighting system that is well praiseworthy.

The characters are to no one’s surprise a glowing highlight of this game, while in the first act they can seem a little basic with Cloud being a dark and edgy merc and Barrett a loud and aggressive activist it takes little to no time to really show how much soul was put into each and every character.
I’ve always felt connected to Cloud not because of his ability or badass design but simply because of my days playing him in a fighting game, I did not expect to connect his military side of the story to a side of me that has been through a lot of pain and frustration. The Cloud I’ve seen is someone who is not quiet and edgy for the sake of being that anime character it is someone who had his light dimmed due to personal grievances and struggle. A struggle that I know very well, it is that shared feeling that connects a fictional character to a real living soul. Playing through every side quest in the game shows how much someone who carries the weight of the world on his shoulders reacts to being asked the simplest of favors and even though the reaction to finding a random flock of lost Chocobos might not be the most enthusiastic, it portrays a soul that’s trying to help in any way often masking the will to blindly help with saying “for a price” to hide their vulnerability. This is just a small example which shows that the writing of those characters is just absolutely soulful and beautiful.

Yes I am going to write a whole paragraph just for who I truly believe is the heart of this game. I did not expect to absolutely adore Aerith as much as I did. Upon meeting her in the church I actually found her to be annoying and she just wouldn’t stop talking, but it is when she stopped talking is when I realized that I actually liked hearing her. It is a known debate between Aerith and Tifa and while I truly believe Tifa is meant for Cloud in terms of story and although I feel a deep connection to Cloud as a character, I am not Cloud and I cannot help but fall head over heels for Aerith.
During my last few years I have had my fair share of having joy in life and seeing the darker side, often it is easy to get engulfed in the moments of darkness and weakness which can be crippling and painful. Aerith to me represents the shimmer of light that forces you out of that shroud of darkness and even though it can be uncomfortable and out of character for you to do so such as dancing on stage with a grown man to earn a shot to save your trapped friend, Aerith is there smiling giving a reason while not as significant as the main objective it is still warm and loving. I could go on but I am sure my point is made.
I love Aerith.

Although there is MUCH more to write about I will end this “review” with talking about the grandeur of the game. I have not played the original Final Fantasy VII however I do know that this Remake is going all out in terms of making it as big as possible and that has truly been crafted to perfection. By the last 30 mins of the game I felt my chest open up and my throat tighten from the absolute supermassive scale of which the plot felt. I held my breath in the last encounter of Cloud and Sephiroth unintentionally which is something I’ve rarely ever felt before. This masterpiece is truly special that made me grateful for the life I’ve lived leading to the moment it was finally time.


About 20 hours and 13 chapters later I am abandoning this game, it is awful. Who thought extending the beginning of the original game to be roughly 35-40 hours was fun?? I shit on Mario and Luigi Dream Team for being slow but even then I feel like I'm DOING SOMETHING, ff7r wastes your time by slowing down your playtime through mindless side content and boring character interacts.

its a shame because the combat itself can be fun yet its not worth slogging through the tedious bits to get to it. Characters themselves are fine but I hate how they highlight the ones from the original that did not need it whatsoever and dedicate whole chapters to them. (Will probably update this I'm just writing my main thoughts atm)

I ate up this game. It really captured the world and made me fall in love with the characters. The combat is so fun, i would go out of my way to do it. Can't believe this game exists

This game is NOT Final Fantasy VII - not entirely. I also do not mean that as a criticism. Remake subverts and side-steps expectations of what a typical remake should be, at least based on an industry standard. It does away with the original active-time battle system, retaining only a few components of it while utilizing fast, engaging ARPG combat. While the narrative, for the most part, remains majorly unchanged holistically, Remake handles FFVII's themes differently from the original while also exploring its own thematic conflict of attempting to change the course of fate. FFVII Remake is not Final Fantasy VII; nor is it intended to be. This is not a substitute or replacement for the original; rather, it is more akin to a pseudo-sequel which can only be fully appreciated by having played the original game.