Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy VIII

released on Feb 11, 1999

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Final Fantasy VIII

released on Feb 11, 1999

FINAL FANTASY VIII is the eighth main installment in the FINAL FANTASY series, developed and published by Squaresoft.

The gameplay makes a departure from many series standards. While it still uses the Active Time Battle system, it deviates from the series' traditional means of boosting a character's power via leveling, although levels are not completely abandoned as they were in FINAL FANTASY II. In addition, it does not have a Magic Point-based system for spell-casting. Instead, magic is collected, drawn, and created from items, and is used to power up the characters via the junction system.

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Good game but it's story is really REEEEALLY stupid and the draw system is kinda redundant but this game also has fisherman's horizon, sooooooo. Yknow.

I can understand the ire this game generates, but a lot of the things folks hate about this game I ended up finding a lot of value in. It's a cake walk compared to other FF games, and while this is the biggest knock against it for me personally, it didn't bother me all that much. The game's difficulty is balanced around the player drawing a lot of spells from enemies mid fight.

Speaking of, the junction and drawing system is crackheaded. But once you familiarize yourself with it you get into this groove with junctioning magic. As much as the game tried it still took me a while to comprehend, but once I got it down it all just clicked. It was nice to be able to have every spell at my disposal with every character.

The cast is another point of contention. I'll admit the supporting cast is weak compared to say FF7, but I think Squall really carries this game. His entire presentation with his inner monologue really puts you firmly in his shoes. I've seen it argued that he's kinda just an emo kid, and yeah, that's kind of the point. He is very much not equipped to be this protagonist, and he is fighting that every step of the way. It rules.

The last dungeon was pretty miserable, but aside from that the ending was just superb. I won't go into detail, but it's safe to say that for me personally, the whole ending sequence is probably my favorite moment across the whole franchise so far. The games FMV sequences hold up in general. It's no surprise that Square has been the one to beat in that department for this entire industry's lifetime.

The music is great. Triple triad kicks so much ass. I just left this game with a lot of positive feelings. I don't begrudge anyone who didn't vibe with this game, but for me it's looking like it's up there with FF7.

I want to like this game but the GF system was awful and the story is annoying, I forced myself to finish it even tho I wasn't enjoying it. Squall is just unlikable.

Con respecto a este FF, es una historia con un enfoque escolar, con todo lo que conlleva eso como rivalidad entre alumnos, docentes flexibles, amor, escuelas militares y obvio ¨magia¨. El problema es que los personajes aparte del Squall y Laguna son aburridos, no evolucionan durante todo el juego y pueden ser definidos con una palabra. El antagonista es la típica bruja que quiere destruir la raza humana combinando todas las líneas temporales, para ser una soberana, sin trasfondo ni caracterización mas allá de que será asesinada en el futuro. Aparte que la jugabilidad cambio para volverse un tedio, teniendo una mecánica de enlaces que sirve tanto para mejorar atributos como para utilizar las magias típicas. Haciéndonos estar en los combates mas de la cuenta. La historia planteada no es mala pero tiene un mensaje inentendible a mi parecer, ¿de que trata esto? Lo que entendí es que ¿Los lazos afectivos y familiares pueden trascender las barreras el tiempo? No se la verdad. No es tan malo como se pinta, pero definitivamente fue un cambio raro y que es disonante en el trascurso.

El protagonista debió ser Laguna, al menos tiene algo de carisma y muestra algo de matiz que los demás.

The game that pleb filtered a generation.