Final Fantasy X International

released on Jan 31, 2002

A port of Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy X International is the Japanese re-release of Final Fantasy X with content not available in the original japanese release. These include battles with dark versions of the game's aeons, the superboss Penance, and various added scenes. It also contains a video clip of 12 minutes, Eternal Calm, bridging the gap with the sequel Final Fantasy X-2.

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Fun story that was equally silly as it was emotional. Difficulty scaling towards the end of the game was awful if you didn't complete any extra content or get the celestial weapons for the limit break.

final boss not having a save point nearby did me in after a couple tries.

My favourite Final Fantasy. ATB is bad, embrace a proper turn based system that lets you know what's coming and manipulate it, with sick beats on top of it.
All characters are great, the plot is great, it hits you hard in the feels basically at all times. Sphere Grid is an interesting levelling system. The postgame is brutal and I could not complete it. Lulu best girl.