Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster

released on Dec 26, 2013

Based on the international versions of the games that were previously only released in Japan and Europe, FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster brings these timeless classics forward to the current generation of fans, old and new alike.

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Impresionante. Sencillamente impresionante, es una obra que en todos sus aspectos es profunda y llena de corazón, emotiva y que cala ondo, la historia es sobresaliente y su jugabilidad muy buena, tiene el mejor elenco de personajes de la saga y la mejor banda sonora. Es en todos los aspectos el mejor Final Fantasy que jamás tuve la oportunidad de probar, una obra altamente recomendable y una que difícilmente se olvida.

The definitive Final Fantasy in my mind. This is how all the games should operate and feel. Not X-2 though... never that...

The HD Remaster of FFX contains the international version with the option to play with the more flexible Sphere Grid. It also contains the superbosses that didn't come in the original PS2 NA release: the Dark Aeons & Penance. For that alone, it was worth picking up.
It did introduce some lag in the menus though, which is frustrating... I also hated what they did to the character models in the graphical uplift. The character's faces look absolutely terrible... the PS2 version crazily enough still has the best models when compared to both the PS3 and PS4 remasters, which is sad.
The remixed music is nice, but the PS4 version is nicer, being that it gives you the option to switch between the original OST or the remixed/remastered version.
I can't speak to FFX-2... I intentionally left that unplayed after my dreadful experience with it on the PS2. I hate that game.

That was beautiful, a well told story through and through, with some fun and heart breaking parts throughout.
Probably one of my favorite RPG mechanics so far that's utilized in a fun, but challenging way that keeps things smooth and easy to grasp. While the later half of the game gets evil with some of its bosses and enemies, I never really felt like I was road blocked since its moreso trial and error, as well as proper planning and grinding that was the key to getting though the game.
All in all, an amazing FF and RPG game as a whole.!

While theres certainly aspects of both these games that have aged a little with time, this is certainly an amazing pack with a ton of stuff to do and see. Well worth getting for anyone with so much as a single JRPG itch that needs scratching.
I did briefly consider removing a star solely because the collection also includes the absolute garbagefire known as 'Final Fantasy X: Will' but decided against it. Basically just never touch it as its honestly an abomination that seems custom made to just ruin every single positive story beat from the games.

For X, I think this game is pretty good. I really liked the combat system and the locations are pretty cool. The graphics are a little outdated, but that makes sense. However, the story was a little nonsensical but that's not a bad thing entirely. Overall, a good entry in the series.
For X-2, I thought this was an alright video game. The combat is still pretty good because it's similar to FFX but overall, the rest of the game just isn't as good as it could be.