Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood

released on Jun 20, 2017

An expansion for Final Fantasy XIV Online

STORMBLOOD is the second expansion to FINAL FANTASY XIV and sees the Warrior of Light heading to the Gyr Abania region in eastern Aldenard and beyond to the continent of Othard, liberating both the city-states of Ala Mhigo and Doma from the Garlean Empire.

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Acho meio lenta, mas ainda é bem boa

This one pisses me off purely because its written the worst and the msq quest design is repetitive and painful. We really love going around and talking to 3 NPCs to progress. It just feels like such a drag. And the post game content ranges from pretty cool to holy shit I DON'T CARE SKIP

The worst of the expansions, but not terrible by any stretch. This is where the gameplay starts to come into its own, coming at expense to the story, which never reaches the heights of Heavensward.

Stormblood expansion: 3,5
Post-Stormblood: 4,5
pretty ok story but the post-stormblood quests before Shadowbringers were really great!

the whole war arc is really slow but as with all Post-DLC patches, Post-Stormblood is really worth going over those slow quests.