Find Love or Die Trying

released on Sep 16, 2021

Date or die in this battle royale dating sim visual novel!

I'm your host Kat, and this is Find Love or Die Trying!

It's the premiere of our new dating show, where ending up single... means ending up dead! Not sure why you'd sign up for this, but now that you're here, you've got 7 days to get one of the lovely ladies on your tropical island getaway to fall in love in with you. If she's willing to put a ring on it, you're both free to leave. If not... well, it's in the name of the show!

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Lo seguí desde que se anunció e incluso llegue a hablar con el desarrollador en un foro, pero cuando salió fue un poco desepcionante... Pero meh, es gratis, que se le podía pedir?
Si tus standares son tan bajos como para haberte gustado DDLC, entonces probablemente disfrutes de este.

Really high quality for a free game. The visuals are great, plus the story is really original and intresting. My only criticisms would be that there wasnt as many choices as id like, so the first half of the game felt a bit slow. And the pronoun option didn't work for me, so the game kept calling me he/him but thats probably just a minor bug. Also more expressions and art of the characters would have been awesome, but thats just a nit-pick because I really like the designs and personalities they gave the characters.

It was a decent visual novel for being free, so no complaints. Character designs were solid.

i love women
plots good same with all the characters violet best girl