Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Cindered Shadows

released on Feb 12, 2020

Cindered Shadows is a DLC sidestory in Fire Emblem: Three Houses where the focus is given to the Ashen Wolves Yuri, Constance, Balthus, and Hapi who resides in the Abyss, a whole town below Garreg Mach Monastery.

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New characters are cool but the maps are kinda hit or miss. Besides that the story alright but it feels like a filler episode.
I guess it's alright, I feel like most of it's value will come from playing one of the main routes with the DLC activated since it gives you more classes and characters

I don't know about its quantity being worth the money it's charging--I did wait to buy it on a sale--but its quality is top Fire Emblem experience. Some of the most interesting map designs in the series (omg that chapter 4!!), definitely better than the main game in that regard, and the added classes compliment nicely to the revamped challenge. Also, cutting all the filler of the Monastery and focusing just on the combat was refreshing after 3 playthroughs of Three Houses.

A fun, self-contained story with a select group of the best characters from the base game. The new characters are SO good, and fit SO well with the base game, it's a shame some players will never see them. To me, this is evidence that fewer but more consistently-good characters is the path forward for a sequel attempting to recapture the allure of Three Houses.

Really bad and claustrophobic maps but Fire Emblem is still always at its strongest with limited tools to work with so there's still lots of fun to be found
Also I want to fuck the wolves so bad

Short and sweet, adds some QoL improvements and a bit more Byleth lore the main game desperately needed. Also quite a bit more challenging than the base game.
It's unfortunately very predictable and the integration of the characters into the main story is handled very poorly (why are you acting like you've never met me, Yuri?)

while it's rather short and a bit overprized for that length, it's a fun side story. yuri, balthus, constance and hapi are all fun characters, even if i'm not the biggest fan of hapi myself. the soundtrack is nice, if a bit short. the maps can be a bit too hard for my taste, but are still doable. i also enjoyed learning more about byleths family, which seemed like it should've been part of the mainstory tho