Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

released on Jun 24, 2022

Prepare for a different story set in the same universe as Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Shez, a mercenary whose team was decimated by Byleth in battle, joins the military academy of Garreg Mach Monastery and becomes a student in one of three classes, each including students from one of the three nations of the continent of Fódlan. Like in Three Houses, the game allows players to decide which class to join, leading to different story paths and playable characters.

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Scarlet Blaze was really good, and we can't wait to start new game ++ and get Gatekeeper. We really love Fire Emblem stories, and this game is no exception.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is a sequel to the original Fire Emblem Warriors and a weird spin-off alternate universe version of Three Houses. Instead of critically thinking out each action in tactical strategy RPG gameplay, you mow down hundreds of soldiers with a few different characters and mashing one or two buttons. It's a musou game, I don't know what I expected.
I like musou games in bite size sessions. They're mindless and give me a good chance to whale away at a large horde of enemies. They need that special sauce that makes me want to continue playing. Fire Emblem Warriors didn't really have that, but it was also the first game I got on my switch so I played a lot more of it than I would like to admit before I could buy something else. Persona 5 Strikers integrates it's RPG elements into the musou gameplay well, and had an engaging story as well as the Phantom Thieves I grew to love.
This game has a fine story (of what I've played) and not too much else. Nothing you'll get compared to playing Three Houses but it's serviceable. The game has social conversations, and you can hangout with the characters in the house of your choice/recruited one on one. However, this game just goes on and on, and absolutely overstays it's welcome.
Musou games don't have too much staying power on their own which means you have spice it up pretty often otherwise it'll just get boring. I'm sorry, but the social events included just aren't enough to justify continuing. Shez is cute as hell though. Waste of a good character design.

I didn't expect to enjoy this game so much. I loved Three Houses so much that I felt like I had to at least try this game and it became one of my favorite games of 2022. I got to hang out with my favorite characters again and the gameplay was surprisingly polished and unique. I ended up doing all three routes, and they all felt unique enough for me to have a good time each time. I think this is the best Dynasty Warriors style game out there, but playing Fire Emblem Three Houses is likely required to have a good time.,

graphics update fucks hard, i only played azure gleams twice and the demos for the other routes but i can't stand shez enough or stomach the writing to really commit to it. thankyou for married dimilix though

Hated the gameplay, dropped the ball hard on the story.

it's SOOOO close to achieving greatness, but the fact that every route doesn't have an actual ending is. a choice, i suppose. honestly, i was expecting dlc releases to come and give you the "true ending" for each route, but considering we're now well over a year after release, and not even a hint of dlc in sight, i don't think that'll happen.
real disappointing, because otherwise i enjoyed it significantly more than i did the first fire emblem warriors.