First Snow

released on Aug 19, 2020

Having moved away from her friends and family to attend community college, Allison Merlo is a fresh student struggling with the day to day challenges of life.

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One of the writers of the best VN ever made strikes again!

Queria poder dar uma nota maior mas minha pouca bagagem com inglês "atrapalhou" um pouco a minha gameplay :/ Mas a leitura das cenas que eu fiz visualmente deu pra entender o que estava rolando, então não foi tão ruim.

Ugh... lots of mixed feelings about this one. I want to be nice about First Snow, because I see lots of love for it and I really don't want to rain on anyone's parade. But it's kinda bad.
It's a story about Allison, she's moved so she can attend college and she doesn't have any real friends. But one day she meets another student named Eileen and realises she's fallen in love. That's it, basically.
At first I was excited, even though the beginning was rough, because I thought the novel would become more interesting when Allison would meet Eileen. I got disappointed pretty fast — both of the main characters are too boring. They have personalities, I can admit that, but their interactions just weren't fun.
Allison is okay more or less, she's a bit too much of a dummy sometimes, but we're going to let that slide. She's just not my type, it happens. Eileen, on the other hand... oh, Eileen. She's straight up unlikeable, most of the time she feels too mean and cold. I get it that she acts this way for a reason, but why doesn't she have any good traits? I've read the whole novel, and I still don't understand what Allison sees in her at the beginning of the story. Eileen becomes a bit nicer once she's closer to Allison, but Allison falls in love so much before that. Girl, I get that you don't have any romantic experience, but I'm really questioning your life choices.
One of main reasons I wanted to read this is because I've heard that the relationship feels real and the intimate scenes are written well. The relationship feels real in the way that it's fricking horrendous, I'll give it that, even though I'm pretty sure people in the reviews meant something else. And about the adult content... it's okay in terms of writing. I didn't feel anything, but maybe someone else will appreciate it more. While we're here, I've actually enjoyed the part when Allison was posing nude, I thought this was a fun idea to investigate.
Oh yeah, another thing — the art style is not that great. I'm not trying to offend the artist, I'm just trying to say it's a bit easier to read bad novels when you have a nice picture in front of your eyes. First Snow doesn't even have that one, unfortunately. The sprites might feel okay when you read the main story, even though I despise everyone's outfits. The adult content has left me uncomfortable.
All in all, I gave this novel so many chances, and it missed every one of them. If you still decide to read it after my review, be ready for the plot with almost nothing happening, unlikeable characters (you thought Eileen was the only one? Surprise!!) and not-so-pretty sprites.
But hey. At least they are sapphic. Right..?
Allison, sweetheart, please break up with Eileen, she's no good for you...

So much quality for a free VN, and story is not bad at all. Also ¡BIBAN LAS NOBIAS!

I was conflicted about this one. This game has excellent graphics and art, but I wasn't too impressed by the story itself. It was very "college freshman coming to terms with her sexuality," but I was more tired of the college experience than anything. I will say the romance was fairly sweet, and that combined with the fun art kept me going. It wasn't quite as light as DoraKone, but it was enough to get me through a rough week. This game was also fairly short (two hours), which seems to be a theme among a lot of free visual novels.

Una cortita VN(3-4 horas de duración aprox) sobre 2 universitarias que se conocen y eventualmente empiezan una relación.
Bastante bonita y además es completamente gratuita, también destacaría el buen doblaje al inglés que tiene, ojalá en algún momento la traduzcan también al español.
Si tuviese que quejarme de algo es que no hay un epílogo como tal, termina ahí nomás, me hubiese gustado alguna escena extra de las protas para ver como les estaba yendo.
Ahora tengo ganas de probar la secuela(aunque tenga otra protagonista).