Fishing and Life

released on Apr 19, 2019

Fishing is to Heal your heart. Don't worry. It will be ok.

We introduce the most beautiful and peaceful game to you who's tired and exhausted from daily life. Enjoy fishing whales just with a simple control while listening to the sound of waves ASMR at the beautiful sea.

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From my very short, frustrating and mosquito-infested experiences I’ve had fishing with my family, it always felt like the act of hunting our small aquatic friends, was the worst part of the experience. Just being there in that park with a river nearby, hearing whatever electronic banger was playing on the radio back in the late 00’s with an improvised family picnic, was really fun, and one of my fondest memories growing up. There must be something fucked up with the DNA from my father’s part of the family, because they would sometimes not even join us doing lunch and instead eat in their own personal spot, waiting for something to bite. I remember crying once because my sister said I was adopted because I didn't like fishing. What a funny joke to tell a 6 year old, huh?
Having only actually caught one tiny 20 cm fish in my whole totally professional career, most of my memories holding the rod was just, staring at nothing listening to older family members talk about stuff that they probably shouldn’t talk with a kid nearby, while thinking about playing football with my cousins or canasta with my aunt, after I was done there.
We didn’t even get to eat them mind you, they would just release them after we took a low quality picture from our camera. Probably the funniest photo of my family that I can think of happened when my father caught by far his biggest one yet: a 50 cm trahira, and hurried everyone nearby to take a photo. As soon as the flash was off, the fish jumped out of nowhere and fell into my sister’s head. The photo was taken in the exact moment where: my sister was screaming and recoiling; my father was still smiling and trying to strike a pose while empty-handed; my uncle was about to fall on the floor because the trahira's sudden move scared him; my grandma was sipping on a cheap beer can while just looking at them completely unfazed.
As good as those moments were, it would be hard to try to have another family gathering like that. Times change, people change, and even if family reunions still take place, albeit in another town because I moved out, I don’t really get along with them anymore to be able to even consider attending. I take it, most people who are reading this are somewhere within the LGBT spectrum, so you know how it usually goes when folks know about it, right?
Well, recently, probably the only old person in my whole family that actually treated me with respect, passed away. Earlier today as of writing this, the whole church ceremony took place. I got to see some family members who normally wouldn’t even look me in the eye, hug me, and talk about fond memories, like those days at the park. I’m fairly confident this will be the last time I will see most of them, for obvious reasons, so in a way it was my farewell to a whole segment of my family.
Currently I'm on day 4 of my “””somewhat””” break from the internet and social media, trying to cherish the other few family members that actually care about me, especially since it’s not everyday I will spend 3 hours traveling to this city. To distract myself on the occasions when I’m alone, I began playing this very whatever game called ‘Fishing Life’. That’s the real name on the app store mind you. IGDB decided to call it ‘Fishing and Life’ for some reason and even edited the cover art because uhhhhhhh idk??? I just felt like mentioning this because I thought it was weird.
Initially I thought it was just going to be another shit ass idle game, which for me would be an easy 0.5 for me on, but it turns out you actually gotta do some stuff in here. Plan your bait, fish carefully, upgrade your boat… the usual mobile F2P progression, but without the heavy monetization or the aggressive ads. In the end, it’s absurdly similar (if not a complete rip-off) from something else I’ve played, Cat goes Fishing. If you played that one, imagine it’s just a mobile port, but with cooler art.
One of the reasons that I’m not huge on other fishing games like Sega Bass Fishing, was that you had to be “tactically patient”. You couldn’t just wait for stuff to happen all day long, there’s a strict timer on your head that plays a godawful theme when you’re running out of time. But you also couldn’t ragebull your way into catching them, there is always that skillful middle term.
Now I’m sure if you are actually good at it, that game is likely close to what you do in your local river or pond, hopefully with a legal license in hand, but to put it lightly I’m dog water at it. What I’m looking forward to in a fishing experience is not exactly the thrills and the action, but the more relaxing side. The one I’m used to, from my few experiences. I would rather not get punished for losing time in an arcade run, but instead just feel like it’s a minor inconvenience that hopefully I’ll be able to surpass next time. There is no trophy or high score in the end here, just a personal sense of accomplishment, and I dig that.
The mobile formula works well with this type of non-consequential ASMR bait of gameplay. Got nothing to do? Arrr lemme catch some cods and tilapias to make me pirate themed boat (the only one that allows you to have a cute green parrot on your shoulder) that much bigger yar har har.
I wonder if in a very ridiculous way, this how they felt about it. The only end goal is to prove for yourself that you were able to get one, and show it off to others, and then just keep going. Or even, if no one was around, just make it your own story like you're forging the ultimate clickbait thumbnail.
For example, yesterday it took me 1 hour, but I finally got a Galapagos Shark. Do you know how cool that is? It’s from Galapagos. Like, that south american island Darwin went to. The one with the big ass turtles. Cool name right? I loved my Galapagos Shark. Shame I had to sell it, but it was fun. Yes, I do have a screenshot with it, after all it was this big, I just don't wanna share it here of course c:
My one complaint about the game is that you can’t permanently keep the fish you caught in the aquarium. You gotta constantly be feeding them to get passive income before selling. I get why it’s there, some ppl wanna spend a lot of time playing it instead of in short bursts like me, even if it means hopping on it every 1 hour to feed those chumps, but damn I’d like to keep some of them at least instead of just maximizing it for further profit.
Anyway, I don’t wanna talk too much about the game itself in a game review, that’s boring. Point is, it’s cool, relaxing, and reminds me of some nice moments in life. If you have folks from your family that care about you, even if it's from distant relatives, try to keep contact. Family is worth it when they respect you. Now, I must go, I’m going to show RRR to my mom.