Forrest Byrnes: Up in Smoke

released on Jun 27, 2022

Join FORREST BYRNES to fight a malignant blaze threatening our sumptuous woodlands! CAN you save the wayward campers? Will you SEE the danger that stalks the forest? Only YOU can help Forrest stop this shameful waste!

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Very repetitive, and boring only after a few games. Nice visuals though.

Game with interesting mechanics but gets a bit repetitive fairly quickly.

Fun enough, but I would have preferred an expansion of the game's mechanics, or some other depth

Un juego desconcertante en extremo. El tono relajado y divertido de los niveles y el propio estilo de juego choca frontalmente con su premisa y objetivos. La idea de dejar scouts atrás para que sean consumides por las llamas me aterra lo bastante como para no querer terminar un nivel sin haberlos rescatado a todes, pero el juego tampoco tiene mucha más originalidad aparte de la que exhibe a la hora de implementar bien mecánicas de salto como Ducktales.
A baffling and disquieting game. The lighthearted tone of the levels and the gameplay itself clashes head-on with its premise and goals. The idea of leaving scouts behind to be consumed by flames terrifies me enough to not want to finish a level without having rescued them all. Unfortunately, the game lacks that much originality aside from being fairly competent at imitating the mechanics of similar platformers like Ducktales.

The game is pretty fun and fairly competent. The levels are bite-sized and it feels like a heavier, clunkier shovel knight. It's fun to get into a rhythmn of jumping in and out of levels quickly.
The scrolling of the screen made it a bit difficult to make out background details at times, but you'll get used to it. The level structure is straightforward but puzzling if it's meant to be more. It seems there's potential for 4 puzzle pieces but I've only ever seen 2 in one run. Maybe I'm just bad at it?
If anything this feels like a proof of concept that there's room for a 2D platformer on the Playdate.
I think this guy is the devil?

Honestly I was just so happy to see the Campo Santo logo in the credits. RIP