Frog Detective 2: The Case of the Invisible Wizard

Frog Detective 2: The Case of the Invisible Wizard

released on Dec 09, 2019

Frog Detective 2: The Case of the Invisible Wizard

released on Dec 09, 2019

The famed Frog Detective returns in the most thrilling mystery yet! A town’s welcoming celebration for a mysterious Invisible Wizard has been ripped to shreds by an unknown culprit. The Detective must find out “whodunnit”! The Case of the Invisible Wizard is the second game in the Frog Detective series, following The Haunted Island, which was loved by all.*

*(Except for one user on Steam who called it “a middle finger and a waste of $5”, but we can’t win em all.)

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A tiny little mystery for smart frogs and/or detectives, now accompanied by their trusty and/or decorative notebooks. It feels like the most limited entry in the series, but I checked with a few people and it turns out that doesn’t matter on bit! Phew.
The perfect “children at play” writing is here again, and many a chuckle was had. Like… genuinely, I have so few gripes, especially for price. It was kind of a pain to find one of the pies, I guess? But it’s a tiny little bunch of houses so who cares, it can only delay THIS detective so long.

With more mechanics than the first, this second game develops the story further.
The humor is still very good and a very fun soundtrack!

Another in the 3 series game: The frog detective!!
Achievement status: 100%
this game, similarly to the first, was incredibly cute. I had a lot of fun achievement hunting in it too:)

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Yes! Even better than the first one. The humour landed for me moreso this time, and the couple of throwback lines to the first game really got me laughing out loud which doesn't usually happen.
They've added more mechanics, the journal (and sticker mini-game) is a great addition that just helps to flesh out the game a bit.
I almost feel that it's something of a shame that the person who did the "crime" just gets found out/confesses immediately. I know that this is the vibe of these series, but with the mechanic of marking an NPC as a "suspect" in your journal I thought we were going to actually have to do some detective-ing.
Also does the magnifying glass tool actually do anything mechanically or is it just there for funsies? Doesn't really matter but I was thinking about it.
Looking forward to playing number three!

Bigger, better, frogger.