released on Apr 24, 2018

In a completely frozen world, people develop steam-powered technology to oppose the overwhelming cold. Society in its current form becomes ineffective and it has to change in order to survive.

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-A lot of depth
-Very choice immersive, Every decision you make decides your fate for the next few days
-Great concept for a post apocalyptic game
-Music is compliments the feeling of doom and hopelessness
-Very steep learning curve, Your 1st playthrough might be overwhelming

обожаю градостроительные симуляторы и этот пожалуй самый необыный из них. По сути это сюрвайвал и экономическая и социальная стратегия в оч прикольном сеттинге. Минус балл за то что мало контента в основной игре, всё как обычно в dlc

Winterhome, take 2

- Whole concept is great
- The many choices you have to make, there is never an obvious one, and it will always have repercussions
- Gripping story and dilemma about survival and morality
- Systems are pretty easy to understand
- The game-designs have some depth, with plenty of potential for micro-management but without being over-complicated
- Balanced difficulties with a nice range of them
- Scenarios adds interesting twists and some are a pretty different experience
- Steampunk is always cool
- It's a shame there are very few musics and that they all use the same tone (desperate violins)

The union of the systems with the setting is striking; your struggles to overcome scarcity in the face of a persistent natural disaster immediately create fear and urgency. That was enough to carry me through one session of the main campaign, but I don't see myself getting much from a harder difficulty or a different scenario. Because the fundamental elements of the simulation are ultimately fairly simple, most of the events meant to heighten entropy (i.e. the flavor) instead have predictable outcomes, and there's little reward in deviating from what works to explore the fairly robust tech trees. A decent introduction to city-building sims, but even as a relative novice to the genre, I needed more.

Literally tried my best for these people and those fuckers still exiled me