Full Metal Daemon Muramasa

released on Oct 30, 2009

This is not a story of heroes.

Since time immemorial, warriors called musha have ruled the battlefield, granted supernatural power by their enchanted suits of armor - tsurugi.

Minato Kageaki is one such musha, driven by duty to don his crimson armor and challenge the greatest evils of an age. But though madmen and tyrants fall to his blade, never will he claim that his battle is right.

For the tsurugi he wields is cursed Muramasa, which five centuries ago brought ruin to the land, and innocent blood is the price it demands in exchange for its terrible might.

"Where there are demons, I slay them. Where there are saints, I slay them."

These words are an oath, the unbreakable Law binding him to his armor. But they also tell the story of his past, and of the future to come.

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Derin hikayesi mükemmel karakterleri ve mükemmel seslendirmeleri ile mükemmel olan bu oyunu size şiddetle önerirmdir

A masterpiece I cannot recommend to anyone.
Such is the law of balance.

I don’t think I’ll ever see anything topping this ever it released me from the subahibi shackles and I’m glad that this is my most favourite thing ever now. The first hour of reading into this vn I knew it had something special and I was not wrong. It portrays its ideas regarding the law of balance so well and has a way of telling its story Which is something so over the top that I just can’t believe that I got to play something this good. The CG was used really well and overall it was a unique never-seen-before concept brought to life in the most rawest form ever. I don’t got enough words to describe how much I love this game. Enjoyed every single pixel of it.