Gal Guardians: Demon Purge

released on Feb 23, 2023

When a demon's castle darkens the land, two sisters challenge its halls. Together they can break the curse.

Players take control of the two sisters with different attacks and capabilities to challenge the demon castle and the bosses waiting within. Discover new routes through the castle using the sisters' unique abilities!

The stars of Grim Guardians are the long-distance focused "Shinobu Kamizono" and the close-range brawler "Maya Kamizono." Players will need to consider the situation when choosing which sister to control as they make their way through the castle, investigating the mystery of what happened to their school and its students.

Other features include 2-player co-op with special actions, extensive difficulty options with the "Style System," unique changes on repeat plays, and most importantly the quality and challenge players have come to expect from Inti Creates titles, this time with a new gothic horror aesthetic.

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Definitely could have waited for a price drop on this one, not a fan of the whole "play through the whole game again to actually beat it" cop-out unless it is done really damn well. This game does good at making a fun unique take on the Metroidvania style, but I don't understand how you can make a game with branching paths and secrets to unlock without adding a map option anywhere besides when you first get a glimpse of the stage you are selecting. So to just beat the game once you have to play through it twice and to get the other endings you have to collect nearly everything. I had tried to find the parts to this side quest that the compass showed, but the items would never show up. Loved the enemies and characters' sprites and beautiful artwork, it's not a bad game, but it does have a decent amount of setbacks that could have been avoided. I still enjoyed it, just not what I expected this game to be.

Gal Guardians ended up being a game I didn't expect to have fun with as I first thought that it was a game mainly for those that have played the gal gun series. I myself know too little to know what the gal gun series is like so I'm pretty sure I missed a few references here and there. But what I am a fan of is metroidvania/castlevania games. Now I have to say that this game wasn't advertised correctly as it is a castlevania not a metroidvania. The difference is that castlevania is more level selection reach the final boss of that level (in other words linear in nature) and find secrets in the game here and there. Metroidvania is more exploration and find the next fight or upgrade to progress through the game(in other words open world).
With that being said gameplay is enjoyable not only can you play through the game but you can do some pretty cool things in it (like freezing lava, glide, grappling up walls or across rooms, etc.). This ended up being a really fun way of traversing through the levels. Not only that, the interaction with the games levels is interesting to see. My favorite part was going back and accessing a room that I couldn't earlier to get whatever reward was there. In my excitement of exploring one of the secrets I ended up soft locking myself but that was cause of me being stubborn.
Overall the game does a great job being a fun castlevania game. The game doesn't take itself seriously and it has an enjoyable sense of humor. All this coming together with a game with a short playtime ended up being something I needed after playing some crazy 90+hr games

this game is a psyop by inti creates to get people to become gal gun fans and im sorry to say i fell for it

I thought the game was fun but it was all right it started out pretty well but the second half of the game kinda overstayed it's welcome. It's gotten me more interested in trying more of Castlevania though

An alright game. I think co-op is the best way to go here--that's how I played it. The level design and enemies could be a bit generic (and sometimes annoying), and it definitely suffers from a bit of padding; still, it isn't trying to be anything more than a cute Castlevania homage/parody. Shinobu and Maya are fun to play as but don't reach their full potential until their full movesets are unlocked. My friend and I both agreed if they changed some stuff about this game structurally, it would be a bit better. I definitely had more fun once we could do everything. Play if you want a short, but decent couple of hours of action-platforming with a friend.

This was a pretty solid Metroidvania, but the game just kept getting better for me as I got deeper into the second half. It's charming and funny. I was sold after seeing a girl with an uzi, and there are even more ridiculous and cool weapons to unlock. I really dug it. Great Metoidvania with some good boss fights.