Game & Watch Gallery

released on Feb 01, 1997

Enjoy four different games from the classic Game & Watch Gallery series: Manhole, Fire, Octopus and Oil Panic. Original and revised versions of each game are included.

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The recreations of the original G&W games are cool to have but I feel like they lost a lot of charm in the shift from LCD Games to the Game Boy, but the Mario themed remakes of all 4 are pretty fun little mini games that fit a handheld console really well as little things to spend a bit of time on every so often.
Which makes this game being Super Game Boy enhanced really odd.

One of the handful of Game Boy cartridges that I had, feel like I actually may have gotten this in box as a gift but maybe I’m making that up. A great collection of minigames, with Octopus being such a highlight. Played this so much, and it’s great to revisit.

Its a neat and fun novelty item but the games are still so basic and boring that I couldn't imagine dumping a lot of time into it. Not bad though

Bem mais interessante do que eu dava crédito. Pensava que era apenas uma réplica de alguns clássicos do Game & Watch – a saber, Manhole, Oil Panic, Octopus e Fire -, o que por si só já justificaria a coletânea como um esforço de preservação histórica. Mas para cada clássico há também uma versão modernizada, com a inclusão de personagens da franquia Mario e várias mudanças na gameplay. As reimaginações são todas bem interessantes e a coletânea de jogos em si é uma boa pedida para o formato portátil do GB.

Pretty fun + Mario remakes for the original game and watch games so it's amazing, probably the best way to play them.

the OST is 8-bit Brill Building!
"Octopus" practically samples "I Will Follow Him":