Garten of Banban 3

released on May 05, 2023

Embrace the horrors of Banban’s Kindergarten. Delve even deeper into the depths of the establishment that was left suspiciously empty. Try to survive the unexpected residents and continue the search for your child…

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There was artistic intent here. HOWEVER, the slogs were more clear than the second one, it was SO obvious that they were trying to just hit the 2-hour mark and make you unable to refund. It's laughable.

This review contains spoilers

Garten of Peakpeak picks up just as good as usual. The car crash scene changed my life and made it value my own more.

you get to play as stinger flynn peak game 10/10

OKAY SO THIS IS DEFINITELY THE BEST OF THE THREE SO FAR OH MY GOD THE PUZZLES HAVE WAY MORE GOING ON but also, we get some much needed answers again and in such a fun fucking way oh my gosh. So don't read this unless u want spoilers but Stinger Flynn (who is a monster you actually see at the very start of the first game but NEVER and i mean NEVER so much as even makes a model appearance in the first couple chapters.. this is his first outing.. AND YET HE CEMENTS TO YOU THAT HE'S BIG SHIT IN THE PORCELAIN THRONE and you Can Not plunge him out bitch. Stinger Flynn shows us the player that the organization creating these genetic mutated monsters wanted a giant jellyfish guy for the kids to play with and have fun and the results were catastrophic of course because Stinger Flynn wasnt exactly a whole human originally!!! he ofc was a jellyfish but he also has a super intelligence that gives him awareness and cognitive function that puts him be articulate and even communicating with the player, infact he doesnt even try to kill you really At ALL he just tries to whisk you away or discourage you because he feels itll impede what he's mainly after. Which also happens to be what banban's after! Both are trying to formulate a way to keep their minds in tact but in different ways, Flynn wants the bliss, the zen of the awesome psychic fever dimension that he's able to planeswalk to and between to remain in tact and even be able to fully submerge himself in it to avoid deterioration of his mind and Banban wants... well, specifically unclear what he wants for now because the game mostly gives the impression that he wants companionship, he wants to be loved, he wants friends but he also was designed to be an authority thats to be respected and discipline when need be...but his genetic makeup is a flickering one! he can control himself for sparse interactions and moments but he outright knows he's a danger to the Player trying to find their kid and tries to keep distance. This absolutely has rammifications in this game when the antagonistic monsters of the kindergarten start to actually butt heads and feud w/ each other, Nabnab actually even gets his own femme companion which is just Nabnaleena but Nabnaleena is deficient of the mutagen serum crap that makes her Her. she was seemingly made as a much later experiment because she doesnt outright kill you immediately when you do experiments on her and she is even pretty compliant until you fuck things up with what you put in her! it's kinda cute really
Fuck her boyfriend Nabnab though fuck that guy, because even when you help the spider duo, nabnab is still able to peace in and out of the psychic realm and fucks up Stinger Flynn, Banban and Opila's guiding route plan. Opila has also come A HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE way since the first game, not only do u technically encounter the most out of all the monsters in general but you have buildup reasons for her trusting you and being allied with you as long as it keeps her babies out of harms way and it leads up for DEFINITELY the best climax the games have had to any chapter. Youre also fed a puzzle thats supposed to be in line with the Sheriff even though the sheriff hasnt appeared in any of the chapters since, but to be honest so long as they get focus like stinger flynn did to such an insane degree im perfectly fine with them taking their time with shit. I think some things thatre still objectively stupid about these games though are how the PAUSE BUTTON.. doesnt even work as an actual pause button! if anything its more like a tab out button, pauses fucking nothing in the video game LMFAO like h u h
and also the drone's hat alt with the "nabnab" hat, and its just fucking black and white party hats LAME
but otherwise this is genuinely cool and im glad they keep only really getting better??? see some dudes say tht these games have insane padding but honestly i think it serves to add to the world better and gives you little character trait bits
like Banbaleena's quirk of her trying to teach you some stupid ass equation when youre supposed to be colabbing on how to not get smashed to shitpaste by jumbo josh
or the boss that you face that has connections to.. what i ASSUME is the jester character and the withered wojak looking ass character that you see in chapter 2 i have a feeling that the psychic dimension is gonna be delved into EVEN FURTHER in the fourth one
but i have high expectations honestly, i heard the 4th one is the one that got all the memes and bullshit in full throttle around this franchise in the first place apart from the first game's existence At All
but we'll seeeeeee! the general consensus is tht all of these games are utter booty loogie so we'll see abt that
final thoughts: nabnab hat is a metaphor for the racial injustices committed by north america and tht nabnab is an evil biracial lightskin demon
i made a nabnaleena edit to stim on
jumbo josh is actually so fucking fun and cool i cant believe he was able to just drop stinger flynn like that i didnt think he was literally THAT strong at all i thought stinger flynn's psychic powers were too strong for him but it seems like even though Jumbo Josh is the most silent one of them all in actual audible words or sounds.. he is definitely a neutral antagonist that probably even wants the same for himself so that way he can stop thrashing things or at the very least have more cognitive function to articulate himself better... the climax to this shit with the bird race, mr kabob man, the lizardturtle guy, oh my god its all so fucking fun and cool. and now here we are with just opila's kid and the lights off so i think jumbo josh is definitely going to keep pursuing The Player.. highly doubt that he actually KILLED anyone in the scrap at all though unless its the blue bird that i forget the name of thats meant to be complimentary to opila
because if youre gonna kill anyone off like
i mean
please let it just be that one LMFAO which is mean to say but like i think itd be so sad if opila bit the bullet here..
uhh so yeah this might be like
my longest review on this website
im not sure actually the hi fi rush or killer7 ones might be even longer but i just keep getting more stacked ideas and thoughts about these games because technically this is full and well an episodic series and im looking forward to the next episode with the fourth one downloaded, heard there's some FUUUUCKSHIT going on im so excited

She flynning on me till I Stinger