Gitaroo Man Lives!

released on Jun 08, 2006
by Koei



In this strange music rhythm game, you play Gitaroo-Man as you go against various music themed villains. The game puts a new twist on music games as you not only have to time button presses but you have to move the analog stick around in a radar circle to follow a line that passes through the center point. You can play up to 4 players using the multitap and choose from a variety of characters, songs, and locales.

Along with local Ad-Hoc multiplayer and additional difficulty options, the game adds a new Duet mode, in which two players control Gitaroo Man and Kirah in two exclusive new stages, "Metal Header" and "Toda Pasión". These levels may also be played alone if the handheld's Ad-Hoc is activated.

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Es curiosamente muchísimo más fácil que su versión de PS2, en una sola sentada llegue al jefe final sin perder una sola vez, sin embargo, tiene todos los aspectos positivos de su versión de PS2 y dos canciones nuevas exclusivas del modo multijugador muy buenas.

the last stage of this game is one of the most hype things ever

Legendary Theme.
That last level was so difficult. jesus christ
had to beat it basically three time because of the emulator.
Songs are fire

Jesse, play The Legendary Theme. Even if we scare the hoes

ridiculously fun rhythm game. the hard mode is so crazy but i'm still having a lot of fun while playing!

Probably one of the most chaotic and bizarre, yet fun and charming games that I have played in a while.
The OST is soooooooo good and is easily one of the best rhythm games ever created.
The story is really basic but it gives a wholesome message.
Definitely a "must-play" for every rhythm games fan.