From acclaimed indie studio KO_OP and in association with beloved game-making initiative Double Fine Presents, Gnog is a 3D puzzle game set in a tactile world of toys and secrets. Point, click, grab, poke, spin, pull, and play with uniquely charming monster heads, and explore the hidden worlds inside them from your couch, or face-to-face in stunning PlayStation VR. Filled with eye-catching designs, playful interactions, and a rich, reactive soundtrack, the hand-crafted heads come to life in your hands!

Inspired by real-world toy designs, every Gnog head is a miniature world to discover. Grab a bookcase and spin it to reveal a hidden pile of coins, slide levers to navigate a damaged ship through outer space, crank a wheel to cook a stew on the stove – each playful interaction generates lively feedback and surprising consequences. Set to a relaxing and dynamic soundtrack that evolves with each level, the surreal worlds and joyful puzzles of Gnog will have you turning heads!

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it's kinda like having a buncha trinkets dat you mess around with dat also kinda feel like a fidget toy in some way like you push buttons and pull levers and stuff for it to open and do things but it's really short agsihdjkhwebhirf
also i ADORE da sound design

It's a fun audiovisual experience but not nearly enough meat for a puzzle box experience.
I guess as VR was in mind when the game was made they didn't want to make things too difficult in case you spend hours on the same level but even then, outside a couple of level that required a little thought, it had the complexity of a Fisher Price toy.

One of the best looking VR games, but the puzzles often feel mindless and arbitrary and the VR controls can be quite finicky. Since you can usually get it very cheap it's worth the visuals alone imo.

A cool audio-visual experience that kinda demonstrates how asking for simple but unmeaningful input from players can really mute your UX.

90% is randomly interacting with everything