Goat Simulator 3

released on Nov 17, 2022

Pilgor’s baaack! Gather your herd and venture forth into Goat Simulator 3; a totally realistic, sandbox farmyard experience. Invite up to three friends in local or online co-op, create carnage together, or compete in mini-games and then not be friends.

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Goat Simulator

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Lo jugué por las risas pero ni para eso me sirvió.

why was this unironically good wtf

Got it back on release playing it with friends was crazy fun. The it’s not a bug it’s a feature and ragdollyness is great. Super fun

A significantly better game than it's predecessor. The "it's not a bug, it's a feature" design is very enjoyable and often hilarious and the game has plenty to do, packed with frequent good bits and a map that reacts to things that you do.

However, a few of the bits are lame, some of the objectives are tedious and even frustrating, and the entire swapping inventory system could have used some quality of life things like savable presets and the items themselves aren't too interesting past a certain point and/or threshold. Also, the end of the game was disappointing.

Worth the 7 hours.