Goddess of Victory: Nikke

released on Nov 04, 2022

Goddess of Victory: Nikke is an immersive sci-fi RPG shooter game, where you recruit and command various maidens to form a beautiful anime girl squad that specializes in wielding guns and other unique sci-fi weapons. Command and collect girls that have unique combat specialties to create your ultimate team! Experience next-level shooting action with simple yet intuitive controls while enjoying dynamic battle effects.

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You know what? I'm sad. As a lot of people, I play it for the collaboration with Chainsaw man and that infamous ad. So I tough "Haha funny horny game, let's see what's the fuss about" and in the process I discovered that has more to offer than that.
A combat system very complex and fun, a narrative that surprised me at moments (even if I think that only half of the team is really trying and the other is just horny) and a support system which in the few I had read shows not only great characters, but also a great world-building, but in the end of the day is a gacha, and a VERY predatory one.
The great combat ended relegated to auto, because, or you play as expected or is impossible to win (Check the stage penalty for instance). The narrative, that outside of the traditional gacha never ending cycle of conflicts, is block behind a level system that started fair, but quickly escalated to absurd levels that make it really slow to progress as a F2P player. Even the support system has it catch with the tickets. The only thing I could praise without problem is the music, which, to be fair, has some fantastic songs. That's why I'm sad, here lays a lot of potential, but wasted under layers of micropayment bullshit. At lest, makes me curious for that Shift Up can offer, let's see how Stellar Blade turns out...

Im not finished but its a very good story and pretty good gameplay. Also Waifus that your characters has canonical sex with

the best part of this game is having an actual PC port instead of forcing you to play on the phone
besides that, its a shooter where you manage skills to get the most out of the buffs you earn, a fun brainless romp if you don't start thinking about the future grind of maximizing your damage, the one unique thing is that it doesn't have a stamina system, so you're free to do as many levels as you want (as long as you keep up with the grind of having materials to keep your characters in shape)
oh yeah and the live2D is very distracting.

Downloaded this game cause I heard Himeno is getting in it soon. Will update and rate the game accordingly solely based on whether I got her or not.
-EDIT- I got her :)
Alright. I think I've played like five hours of this game. I remember a friend of mine talking about it months ago, and I took a look and thought about how it has rather unique gameplay for a gacha, and proceeded to not think about it again. Then I hear about the Chainsaw Man collaboration and how I can have the chance of owning a animated jpeg of Himeno. I'm sold. I download the game a few days before the collab begins to grab some extra summoning stuff for when she's available.
I'm not gonna lie. I like a bit of fanservice in character designs, whether it be women or men, but holy fuck. This game goes way overboard for a game that's readily available on the app store and not considered a straight up hentai game (How did Volume's violently shaking ass get a Teen rating on the app store). Other than that the game is... eh. The story is mildly engaging, Anis is cute and honestly kinda carries the game, and the gameplay has a fun loop. To be honest, I don't really know what else to say about the game. It's a gacha. I got Himeno for free though so I'm happy.


god giggly goo god damn. god fucking jiggle goo ga goo god. you got all the bitches, you got small bitches, you got big bitches, you got shy bitches, you got angry bitches, sometimes you even got not absurdly sexualized bitches so if the pastor finds you playing nikke in church he won't get mad at you.
gameplay is fine. it's simple and satisfying but of course it's being held back by the usual gacha bullshit like 20 different currencies and power levels and management shit outside of the actual game. got some quite nice quality of life tho like being able to raise other characters to the level of your highest characters automatically.
the main problem with the game is that you need at least two people at all times to get the most out of it. it's real hard to focus on the ass while still aiming at enemies so optimally you'd grab your favorite bozo and rotate every 5 seconds or so, have one aim and the other stare and repeat that process until one of you cums