Godzilla: Unleashed

released on Nov 20, 2007

Godzilla: Unleashed is a fighting game featuring 23 of the classic Toho monsters from the past, including some brand new ones and the games namesake as well, Godzilla. Players will fight against each other in eight destructible cities, letting the player destroy everything from skyscrapers to small buildings and pick up power-ups from causing the destruction.

The storyline is different from others, a non-linear one which constantly changes depending upon the decisions the player makes before, during and after battles. The PS2 version only features two player simultaneous play.

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Pretty solid fighting game, nothing too spectacular

I recall assuming this game would be good because I enjoyed the Godzilla Melee game on Gamcube. This wasn't nearly as fun though. Perhaps I was just more wise.

The roster is impressive and the soundtrack is cool. Buuuuuuuut me no like motion controls

I feel this pales in comparison to the previous game mainly in the controls and combat as it really lacks impact and is way too floatly

Okay, but not on that level with previous games.

Love this game, an amazing Godzilla fighting game with nearly all the monsters from the movies, the DEFINITIVE GODZILLA GAME.