Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

released on Oct 27, 2002

In the year 1986, Tommy Vercetti is heavily indebted to his mafia superiors after a drug deal gone awry, but his dreams of taking over Vice City (based on Miami) push him down a different path. Featuring a wide variety of vehicles and weapons, radio stations playing hit songs from the era and an intense atmosphere, GTA: Vice City is an open-world sandbox satire of '80's Miami.

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Couldn't get past the gameplay for more than an hour to care about the story. It's not bad by any means but nothing to really get invested in.

Estoril está um bocadinho diferente

“Aged like milk” is the first phrase that comes to mind. Everything from the controls to the visuals have aged terribly and there’s nothing to gain from playing this anymore.

Игра детства. Пройденная несколько раз.
Сейчас решил окунутся в прошлое и прохожу версию GTA: Vanilla Vice в которой подправили мелкие баги, но не нарушили атмосферу той самой Vice City