Grand Theft Auto

released on Oct 21, 1997

Grand Theft Auto is the first game in the Grand Theft Auto series and a sandbox-crime game published by Rockstar Games.

The original Grand Theft Auto is made up of a series of levels each set in one of the three cities in the game. In each level, the player has a target number of points to achieve, and five lives to attain the score.

The score counter doubles as a money meter; the player can spend this money on paint jobs and various other things. However, any money spent is of course taken away from the score, making the goal that little bit further away.

On obtaining the target number of points, the player must then drive to a certain location to complete the level, which allows progress to the next one.

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It's where the series began and calling it "rough" is kinda sugarcoating it. This game feels like a massive middle finger to the player right from the start and I'd be surprised if anyone nowadays could get to San Andreas without feeling burnt out. I would recommend just playing GTA 2 instead.

I tried so hard as a kid to get anywhere in this game and never did. But I kept playing it.