Grandia II

released on Aug 01, 2000

The story focuses on Ryudo the Geohound (a kind of mercenary) and his talking bird, Skye. Together they accept a mission from the town of Carbo's church as bodyguards for Elena, a Songstress of Granas, who is on her way to Garmia Tower. The job turns into something much more after an incident at the tower, and Ryudo and Elena find themselves travelling all over the world, meeting some new friends and some new enemies.

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Another game played out of pure nostalgia since I used to own it on the dreamcast. Never got passed the second town area back then, so being able to finish and actually experience the full story was fun. Never played the first game, so I can't really compare the two, but overall I enjoyed it, even if the combat system gave me anxiety and I had to be really good with the timing.

It unfortunately is a product of its time and has some bad caricatures amongst some of the side characters, donut lips and all. Which really brings down a decent game. At least it ends in polyamory so there's that.

Início problemático, meio pedante, final supreedente.
De fato uma experiência interessante, em vídeo gostaria de dissertar mais a respeito desse jogo, mas em suma é um jogo bom

A standard JRPG that excels due to arguably the best turn-based battle system ever made.

nowhere near as charming as the first grandia was for me. the character models are cute tho, they ooze dreamcast

i just cant get into ryudo and i cant really enjoy it as much as i enjoyed grandia 1